30 March 2008

0101 Centre PC Fair - The Result

30 March 2008
Today went PC fair more than 1 time. Saw kok chun, his cousin sister and the Birthday Girl..

The Lithium Battery
My 5 years old desktop's clock is not functioned properly since last year.
I bought for RM 12 - RM7 = RM5
and before that, I bought a what... the protective cover of my phone's screen.. like a sticker thing.. RM20 - RM5 = RM15

Not really know how to fix it into the place..
Still trying on my own
Still need to press "F1" everytime I boot my desktop.. haha~

TP-Link 54M Wireless Router
RM125 (i noe i noe... i noe it's expensive...)
Da disaster of muh Sunday

Father and I fixed it for almost 5 hours trying to get it going
In such a hot weather, luckily we din go berserk xD
Thanks Kenovan.

I went back to 0101 centre for 3 times! Two for asking things about how to fix it and 3rdly, went and bought a LAN Cable. Wth, I bought a 5m long cable. That uncle tricked me that 3m is short. (or maybe i'm the silly one.. haha~) Now i had to round the 5m cable up.. sheesh.. RM25 - RM5 = RM20
And Finally... It's working
Router, Modem, Creative Left Speaker and monitor


Happy Birthday Michelle =)

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