26 March 2008

Drama SMKAP 2008 !!

26 March 2008
Script written by : dunno who
We had practiced the drama for about 4 ~ 5 times in the past 1 week, what a rush! geez... and only to find out that the director was someone we didn't know at all. can say got see b4 in school, but never get to know each other.

At least we finished the drama, finished!
At least we ended what we started.
At least there's people who complaint and praised our play.
At least we got an ending, a nice ending by singing " A Thousand Miles "

Watched before " White Chicks "? A movie from several years ago. Its about 2 cops disguise as the injured girls to attend some kind of hot party for the weekend. In the end, they ended up catching Mr.V as the bad guy who wanna rob something valuable from where the fashion show took place.

Thats what we are going to drama out. On this morning we all sit at the assembly spot and do some english exercise paper. It's just sux, I think this is wasting paper. Later we go back to class to get changed. lol that time wear skirt so paiseh, and also the RM3 pasar malam bra, dunno who bought a small size de let me wear, wah, it's just like.. hard to breath. Waa.. come to think of it, i sacrificed alot for the drama.. damn paiseh when walk around school now... haha.. hope no one will recognize me.

Actually I quite enjoy the whole process of practicing and performing. There's no stage fright or dialog-forget scene, but too bad we are the 1st team to go perform and we are not allowed to use mic. Not like other team, after the judges give us mark, they allowed other team to use mic, how unfair and unprofessional of them. Later i heard that the judges added 1 points only to our score to be 'fair' for us.

When at the behind of the stage, we changed clothes like hell. After I act as a guy bidding for a girl, i gotta change back to girl's costume and rush out for the fashion show. Wah, the girl's outfit is sosososo tight that I nearly can't put my arm into it. After the fashion show I need to change back to guy's costume and get hit by a bullet while yelling " NOOOO! ".... hahaha~ its totally tiring and lightning speed. That time i was sweating like waterfall.

Where did the drama went wrong? Yeah, its that ... one actor = 2 character. Thats why I changed clothes like hell although its only 4 times, and also the white cloth that we used to divide every scene, it's irritating and totally negative effect. Call those people who stood far away from the stage. who said us down syndrome or whatever, piss off, brainless old fag. How about you come up stage and perform your thing without mic? brainless fag, if we are stupid in acting then you're lomo in everything. Anyway, the most serious problem is - it's totally unsuitable to havee this movie on the stage for drama use.

But... nah, it's over. The past is not important, for now at least. Wait, one more thing. Don't poke your full-of-pimples nose into other people's matter u old blondie 'director'. No you are not a director from the beginning. Totally, totally a lapan datuk, gay. You are wasting ur mum's energy for borning u out. U shouldn't have been born out. But nvm i think, with you in this world, the earth will be more beautiful.

Ok, done. Totally cool now.. hehe.. actually this kind of fun I couldn't express out 100% of it in my blog.. this kind of thing hor.. the best way to enjoy it is chit chatz with friends! Sit together and ' Post Mortem ' what happened on that day~ ^^

As for the other group...

After we finished our drama which lasted for 35+ minutes (drama rule: 15 mins per team) yeah, we totally RoxX! xD we went back to our class and started to rest, change up, loafing around. That stupid 'director' din even say good job or anything and started to talk talk talk all those negative things in our class. wtf wtf wtf, who do u think u are? you are just a busybody, a 'pendatang asing' . F off u 'lomo'sapien.

The best thing was after he disappeared, we went down again to the hall to watch other groups' performance. The bad thing was Mikro Teacher wan us to go back class and study. wth, in this so called ' so special day ' she wants us to go back class study! Sien liao lo~ At class all ppl were like lying on the table, no mood to study.

Thats why I'm disappointed with what happen after recess. Just because of the class, we missed out lots of Drama... especially 5J and 3C... haiz... too bad.



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