09 March 2008


09 March 2008
What can i say more about this anime, expanding up to 26 episodes of grace?

It is a relaxing, invigorating and powerful ride to the world of Neo-Venezia. A show that will probably not hit a great fanbase like Naruto or Bleach, it is something special, hidden quietly among the gentle sea of anime. It does not try to impress, nor does it try to make itself look great or wonderful.

Yet, its brightness lits up beautifully as the idyllic environment, scenery and music brings you into the world of Neo-Venezia, a place filled with love, care and beauty.

This is Aria the Natural, a show that is unassuming.

It is like fine wine. You never know how good it is, until you have a sip of it. With wine and anything in excess, it will not taste good. However, with a gentle sip to this great series, you learn how to appreciate it. Quality can never be replaced by quantity. That is how good things can be appreciated, only in small doses.

This is a show that teaches, yet never presses you to follow it. It simply guides you quietly toward various messages in life. Sometimes, the most simple things are the most beautiful. Things that seem to be small and insignificant are in fact significant things in this world. Without this show, these things will be simply quiet and never be seen in our lives.

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