23 March 2008


23 March 2008
These days quite busy that I don't have time to update my blog...

But what for...??

In a depressing moment like now, what i write next will be depress the whole page.. like i want..

Sigh.. being forced to go take part in school's debate organized by the 'library', although I don't have any Exp. Nvm lo, in a positive way, i could tell myself, go try new things, but in fact... duh... I don't want to.

Argh! forget it. Now i can only try my best to spill something out from nowhere on Monday (but you all know that I'm not good in talking.. T_T")

Then the drama that we have to perform out on Wednesday... so many things to worry about... worrying that they cant memorize all dialogue, worrying that on that day the judges couldn't hear anything although they are going to have the script.. worrying that something will go wrong.. worry this worry that.. haha~ *sigh*

Now I'm totally rolling on floor hoping the sun wont come out... ow... ( trying to escape from reality.. lolz )

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