13 March 2008

Explorace @ Cenderawasih - The preparation

13 March 2008
Did the previous post makes your comp lagging? Paiseh la.. I didn't realize that after i edited the photos, it's size becomes bigger than usual.. i was shocked to see that from 200 ~ 400kb per photo become 800 ~ 1000kb, no wonder those photo load so slow la.

Good, now its better I suppose. I'll let the photos do the talking right away. (Yeah, u know, i'm not good in talking, all the time, lalala~)

Early In The Morning
Gloomy and wet weather

This is the assembly place
It's raining 'fur fur'
Wonder what it looks like if I use fish eye lens to snap this photo..?
round round~ @@

"Ambush successful!"
She's the IT Group Leader
Kept avoiding my lens
But now......
( Muahahahahahaha~ xD

The preparation of "Clues"
So-called paper work

There, it's written " Kata Kunci : "

"The I.T. Professionals"
From the I.T. group
(except the white shirt)
You can sense their aura from their keen eyes.
Working hard on slide shows etc

A closer look of the woodbrick of Sudoku
It's school's property.
I became the game tester and tried to solve one of the puzzle
and I ended up puzzled myself.

"Sudoku Station"
This is where Sudoku took place
Feel empty?
Guess so.

Believe me,
you wouldn't want to know what's inside.
"St.John's Room"
I wonder is there any casualty on that day?

I forgotten to get her contact number! ow...
hahaha... just kidding... maybe not, maybe yes.

"The Coconut Station"
This game requires lame skill and lame luck to hit all of the bottles
since your weapon is a lame coconut
and it breaks open anytime! lol

"Modifying Game System"
It isn't right to stick all bottles together
I Suggested them to seperate those bottles further from each other
Just like the real Bowling

"Gay station"
Items avaliable :
Sponge, bucket, 'paperskin' and bottles.

"Unique Pair"
All people are required to wear sport shoes on that day
This girl, she told me she woke up late and rushed here.
Pity~ pity~
Anyway, there's lots of participants who wore slippers too.

"The Killer Sandwich"
RM2.00 arrr!!
Aiks! I missed out the look of the sandwiches
anyway, this is '7.Eleve' stall
Welcome~ ^_^
"Candid Shot"
Remember 'Han Jie'? This is his little bro~
Humorous guy he is.
And his BM slang is nice~

To Be Continue...

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