12 March 2008

Before Explorace @ Cenderawasih

12 March 2008
Lately I've been to Cenderawasih (SMKC) to be a camera man of the Explorace organized by Xin Zhi (geez, do he really looks alike with me??)

The 10th & 11th i went for meeting, freaking nervous when boss called me to introduce myself to everyone in da classroom. That time I was like " .... " my mind kept on hanging while standing and talking infront of so many ppl.. hahaha.. not that I was REALLY nervous or scared, it's just that I don't have a script.. bluek.. haha~

Here are some photos regarding to that day...

10 & 11th March (Last Meeting)

It's ... a rainy morning.

" Wah Gor "
Actually he and several guys are testing the mic (Sing K? lolz)

" PA System "
Doing setup for Ice Breaking on that day

" Balloon Tester "
A very small sized balloon only.

Form 6 AJK gang.

" Sudoku Testers "
Wah... this one use woodbrick to solve it
Not paper and pen anymore, interesting~

" Yi Xian "
Long time no see ler.. haha~

Boys should get used to this situation
(and be happy about it)

" The VCR Guy "
Sure need lots of skill to handle that baby~

Hao Jie... U noe I noe la... =D

" Ah Lim "
These few days will be snapping photo with me and the VCR guy

" The Genius "
He's playing basketball alone, in the rain

The middle guy always forced to be the middle guy
(u understand my broken english?)

" Sky " - No Pain, No Gain!

" Are You Ready?? "
Beside me, there's a video camera.
Obviously they are movie making.

And lastly...
Rumors said that the " very look alike with me " guy:

" Ah Boss "
Xin Zhi
He got a broad smile there



To Be Continue...

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