16 March 2008

Explorace @ Cenderawasih - The Peak

16 March 2008
The Peak moment of that day has reached.

Big Head stayed in PA room whole day long...
Poor big head =S

" har? Har? HARRR?? "
As usual, Bully #1 started to 'piss off' with their little volume

" Ei... mou yeng lor~ "
Kok Leong, muh buddy

* The Carpets *
This game takes extremely long time to play as one team 4 rounds

2 teams are going on at the same time
others are waiting

Is there any other way to fill the water faster?

* The Hip-Hop Guy *
Sporting and Cheerful always

* The Hyperactive Guy *
Love to dance around

" 4 legs 4 hands "
seems easy if u got brain.

* The Black Belt *
His station is going to start, soon.

* Han Leong *
My Form4, 5 class monitor
Humorous and always being mistaken as a Malay boy.

* Taekwondo Station *
Beautiful teacher
after learn abit, participants are ordered to do some patterns to pass this stage

Opposite of Taekwondo station
This is another station

Just like flipping the rubber band outside
This station needs brain(s)

And Tai Chi movements as well

Without dropping the straw between
(ow, boys and boys, how sweet?)

and better think fasta

And they made it through the stage~

The 1st team to arrive at the 'last' station


This is how they play it

* The Champion *

* The Amazing race style *
" Taniah, anda berjaya mendapati tempat... "

* 背光 *
Someone kept want to snap me...
and i chose this spot
perfect~ ^^

This is...
The scene of 'before rain'

This is...

Killer Sandwich reduces its price at late game
I now only realize it...

Infront of PA room

* Final Destination *
Guess who's the guy who blocked the path?
Answer will be given on next post (final post of Explorace)

To Be Continue...

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