18 March 2008

Explorace @ Cenderawasih - The Finale

18 March 2008
Finally, its the last post of this explorace.

Do enjoy until the end =)

* The guy who blocked the way *
(heard that you don't have your own picture? here~ hehe...)

* Team : Sky's post *

whoops... xD
They are making fun of him...
I think he still dunno.. haha..

This guy is shed-ing tears
After the race is over, everyone is given lunch
Its true that the meal is extremely spicy

The last door of the game
Only some AJKs and teams that have finished the game can go for rest
change up, eat... bath if they want.

The most windy spot of Cenderawasih
not the field, its where I stood
Best spot

* Project Moral *
nah, just joking.

And so, the voting of best players begin
what funny was the review of team slogan

* Undilah... *

* aMCee of the closing ceremony *

Team's photo...
= The End =
Thx for your supports~

* Gay *

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