15 March 2008

Explorace @ Cenderawasih - The Beginning

15 March 2008
Ok, it's almost 8.30am, all participants were gathered at the entrance to the assembly spot. What should we do now.. let's see:

It is always the best to prevent cramp or other injuries while in action later

*Stiff Emo*
I told these 4 guys to post some funny actions
And the excuse I got was:
“Haven't get high...”
“No feel yet...”

*The DJ of the Day*
Wah Gor and Big Head~!
Tepuk sikit~!

"Satu! ... Dua! ... Tiga! ... Empat! ... ..."
It's like they are Under Arrest

Enlarge it.
For some reason, you will find it funny

*The AJKs*
something funny about the exercise made them laugh...

"3... 2... 1... GO!!"
It all starts here.
Some run as fast as wind
Some run as slow as they are walking
(indeed, they are walking)

*St.John guy in action*
Participants are looking for clues from the paper on the wall
The correct clue will lead them to their 1st station.

*Making Announcement*

*Pitiful Lonely Station*
none will reach this station before 10.30am

*Ah Boss get caught*
Participants are to look for the specific target's signature
They chase like hell
I follow like hell too

*Gay Friend Forever*
(Maybe not)
*Bsb Fever 2008*
(Yeah? lol)

*Guat Yun and Shih Wan's Station*
They will ask you about dinosaurs.

Can teamwork function here?

*The Bsb Station*
"Skarang satu org soot satu kali, satu team kena ader 5 kali kene masuk yer!"

"Tapi... kalao tak dapat kena 5 kali, HUKUM!"

It's rare to see ppl reading books while the game is going on.
Anyway, St.Johners are quite free at that time

"Spin... spin...spin... spin..."


"OK, done spinning go sit BALLOON!!"
This girl bounced on that balloon for about 20 seconds
Im totally speechless

oh see, lack of plastic bottles
now they use glass bottles to take place.
just joking. Impossible right?

"Fuzzy Pickles!"
Guy #1 and Bully #1

For some reason, he was stunned for 5 seconds
and the coconut fell off from his hands.

Spamming their group slogan before the game goes on.

I think they lose the battle
and were ordered to do some actions that look like earth worm.

They were forced to sing*Twinkle Twinkle Little Star*at the Water Balloon Station
From the right: Bully #1 etc...
*It's the start of a new game*
They must keep on throwing water balloons to their teammate behind them without turning back, until the last one.
This game is real exciting.

Question: When does this action happens?
Answer: When they miss to catch the balloon from the front.

Yeah, notice the girl who is attempting to catch the balloon?
That's the true emo of scary + exciting + scared + excite + scaring +... blah.

*Pretty Girl of the day*

Whoops! She's catching nothing, again.

Fortunately! The balloon hasn't burst into pieces
The game continues~

She called me to snap a photo of her
and as usual, I named it Bully #1
(she's punishing the previous group for failing to 'save' more than 5 balloons)

Later, AJK also came to play
Oow~ he nearly miss it.

Just this two AJK taking turns to go to the back of each other.
Good to see them enjoying themselves.

To Be Continue...

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