25 March 2008

To overcome social problems, students should not access to the Internet

25 March 2008
Debate... omg, it freaked me out.

Yesterday (Monday) was the 1st time i sat on a 'debate chair' and other than that, 'debate tables'. At the left side of me, there are 3 judges, infront of me there was the opposition team, time keepers were on the right hand side and lastly, some of our friends came into the class and became audiences, they sat behind the judges.

The whole process from stood up, greetings, introduction, points, reply questions and lastly sat down were so... cool. My palms kept sweating, and my government team's 1st speaker hand were shivering, only the 3rd speaker, he was the most steady guy.

Although we lost, but we were relieved. Before the debate, we kept asking among ourselves,
"wan win or not?
"lose ar..?
"dun wan battle 2nd round wor...
"then lose lor..
"but i feel like wanna win the debate leh..
"ok lah! we do our best then!

Well, at least we did our best. The best speaker of the round goes to Kuljeet, the best of the best! (Tell you what, last year we gave him a statement : Kuljeet tak pernah takut! =D

1st round Debate ends. What left will be the ' loser team revival match ' coz there are only 5 teams won. They will choose one more to 'revive'... everyone thinks that we form6 have a big chance of reviving... it is like... omg, pls dun choose us. scared liao.

" Your English very geng de wor, why that time you were like... ngong liao de? Nervous isit? "

Lol, thats a comment I got from a friend. My English is just Form4 level, no geng la... and I overcame the nervous, it's just... I messed up my starting speech, and I don't have points (dunno how to search =p from 10pm search till 3am also kosong... hahaha.. ^^" thats why i paused several times on my turn. Now...

BLAH~ concentrating in school drama, thats Wednesday. Hope everything goes smoothly.


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