28 February 2009

Love Matters (幸福万岁) - Jack Neo Film

28 February 2009
talks about 3 penises, which :

1st, Bo Seng (Henry Thia程旭輝), father of Jerry, has sexual impotance. Rumors said that a man only can 'do it' 5000 times, does he used up all of it already? And will the chinese herbs help his 'didi' to rise again?

2nd, Jeremy (Jack Lim林德容), Bo Seng's adopted brother, is a helpful guy. He helps old lady to cross the street, helps people to carry heavy things, and also helps alot of lonely women. In one incident, he nearly get his penis chop down and very close to become eunuch for the rest of his life.

3rd, Jerry, a teenager who is starting to feel interested in s-e-x matters. Due to some conflict, his penis meets you-tube. (well, not really, actually)

Hey guys, you all should watch this. Although some part has been censored in cinema, but still, it's a worthy film. I've watched this movie yesterday night, and I've learned alot of things from the movie.

Jack Neo's film is indeed hilarious and funny, yet reality.

Here's the trailer:

4 Drops of Rain:

Me said...


its funny at first but it becomes boring edy after that..

and the ending is kinda disappointing..


the reaction of the parents is quite unreal..

saw his son's strip dance in the net and not even one 'WTF?'


阴天雨 said...

this movie i found not very hilarious, but it base more on reality..

The dialogue we all've been waiting for was still there --

" Lu Jiak Ba Liao Beh? " xDD

PUI SIN said...


阴天雨 said...

看了告诉我你的感想 =D

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