09 February 2009

Chap Goh Meh

09 February 2009
Have you seen the word - Chap Goh Meh / Tzap Goh Mei?

Indeed, it's not a Chinese pronunciation. Let's say it in Hokkien dialect. Tzap Goh Mei means 十五暝 (Fifteen Night) the final day of the lunar new year. I don't really know how to explain this, but usually... the moon is like a ping pong hanging in the sky.

In this day (maybe later), females with the status ' single ' gather and toss tangerine (not orange ok) into the sea, hoping their future husband will go into the sea and pick it up. Beware* Don't get flush away by the sea wey.

At the end, the MPK will pick the remaining tangerines with boats and nets. Too bad for the girls, hip-hip-horray for the MPK for getting tangerines to eat wtf

Noo! I will not let that happen! So... tonight I'm going to the beach and pick up any tangerines throw by pretty girls! What? You doubt that? None of the pretty girls are single? That's impossible! Imma go to find one tonight. Wish me luck yo.

4 Drops of Rain:

Sweet Tooth said...

Dude, just a ping pong size? Isnt that a bit too small? Lol! XD
This year's moon, oh well, I got to say it's the biggest for the last 52 years.

Me said...

they dont stick their photos to the tangerine bahh -.-

gud luck to u anyway..

btw, the moon looks even smaller today -.-

Me said...

bout the valentine thingy,

i go sing k only xD

阴天雨 said...

Sweet Tooth
Well if you go to the moon, you won't see the moon anymore =D it's wayyyy to big.. hahaha

Err... I chose " I need gf " xDD seriously. but im scared to have one.. ahh.. how confusing.

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