14 February 2009

Genie卓文萱 关丹签唱会 2

14 February 2009
The concert was a success, except Genie lost her way when she was heading to Kuantan Parade. Well, no big deal as she finally appear on the stage at approximately 8.15pm, which the concert supposed to start at 7.30pm.

The poster thing is kinda small, and err, wrinkle wrinkle already, I'd say.

She got a sweet look and a sweet voice. No wonder the mall was crowded (with little girls around age 14)

This is Genie. With shorts and a blue coat, and a 3 inches white color high heel. I was there, with my press card, crouching in front of all people. 假公济私 is what I'm doing. Hahaha no la, got price to pay actually.

This is her when she was signing on her album bought by fans. The nannies were irritating. They kept blocking my sight because they need to handle the signing off

The last post from Genie.

9.40pm, the concert ended with Genie's 3 songs, included <一句话>, a little <爱的城堡>tap-dancing, throwing posters and giving signature. As usual, many of them went to the backstage to see her for the last time.

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