10 February 2009

Do Not Walk In Alley Alone

10 February 2009
Things just happen. You don't have the time to look at the motorcycle's plate, and you can only look at the motorist escape with a handbag on his hand.

Today I was having my lunch at 2.10 with my other two college and suddenly we heard someone shouted " TOLONG! TOLONG! ". In a blink of eye, lots of people - including customers and workers of the restaurant swiftly rushed to the alley through the restaurant's back door. A 25-27 years old female was lying on the ground, with her bleeding ankle and elbow, and a desperate face. The dish washer who shouted 'tolong' later helped carried her into the restaurant.

Her bag was snatched by a motorist when she was ready to get into her silver Myvi. At that time she was hanging her bag on the left side and she used her right hand to open the door. Who knows that case like this happen, its way beyond unpredictable. She lost her phone, I.C, car license and money.

She was hurt and unable to go back to where she work - Laywer firm. Later, she sadly sat at the restaurant, waiting her sister to fetch her go hospital for treatment and check-up, while her friend helped drove her Myvi back home.

This case, seriously, happened right infront my eyes, and whats more, it happened just behind Air Putih's Police Station.

Let's see Nanyang, East coast edition tomorrow (11th Feb). Nahh, it's just a small column.

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