05 March 2009

I'm still waiting...

05 March 2009
Sorry guys, I've been really looking forward to write this post already but time just won't let me to be free from business. So, what am I actually doing in these days?

Right now I'm still waiting for my letter - the LUCT inform letter, about when I should move myself into LUCT.

I've been informed that STP's result will be out on this coming 10th March. Omg omg omg omg *can't stop biting my nails*. No lah actually I already know how my result looks like. Well, erm, it's like... my mum can not recognize me when I hold my result paper, and when I throw it away, she will definitely smile at me and ask, ' Ah zai! How is your result? ' ... and the moment I pick it up, she can't recognize me again. Amboi aperlah ni. Apart from that, the HM will be my worst nightmare. I'm just a CM, the Butcher will slaughter me with it's hook for sure o_O I just hope I can bear with the pain /boohoo T_____T

Enough of the Dota thing already lar. After STP, here is where I start wandering around in this not-so-holidays. I started my work on 13th Jan as an Advertisement Specialist. In the office, my main job is to receive advertisement orders from customers who are interested to advertise anything. Sometimes I need to fax quotations to the customers, and yay I finally know how to use fax machines! Most of the time customers / HQ will fax something to us, and I need to phone back, ask for infos about the ads and make agreements with them. At the same time I act as 'Ah Long' and collect debts from my customers, well, so far so good~ Other minor thing will be drafting out ads, filing documents and more paperwork. Ohh.. this is how my work works (?) I hardly have any off-day, although I work from 10am to 5pm daily, my Saturday (should be half day) is also a full day because I'm new. About Sundays, I need to work half day too, sometimes one day full! *gasp in pain* but actually good also lah coz I can ganti holiday next time when I'm leaving.

One of my 'off-days' is... this time o_O" truanted =x

Sometimes you could even find something funny on the newspaper!

露宝 = show penis

Everytime I type this post the time is already 1am... and I'm forced by myself to stop because I will get hungry coz I need to think what should i wrote, and thinking will increase my hunger meter. *groooooooooan* =(

So, other than work and work and work, I've watched 'Love Matters'... and I've been to computer centre with old friends too. We played a zombie-killing game, namely ' Left4Dead '. Ohmigod at first it was so scary as hordes and hordes of zombies running towards you YES THEY ACTUALLY RUN! Not that traditional slow pace walking and cries ' Woooooo '. To think of it, our voice could be heard within the whole cc :

" Wak, yao boomer! Fai dit seh kui! "
" Deng, Hunter lei jor lor! Fai dit feh 7 kui! "
" Lei hang xin lei hang xin. Ngo zou back-up. "
" Gao miang arh! Bei smoker zook ju jor! "
" Mm oi dor ju! Yuet dor yuet luoi kui dei lei yuet duo geh! "
" Wui fai dit guo lei, ngo yew gam zai jor! "
" Oi! Yao Witch oh! Fai dit san dang! Gam F san jor kui!"
" Tai ju tai ju.... Oi hao bin arh hao bin arh! "

Well, actually I'm trying to speak more on cantonese nowdays coz most of my friends speak it in normal conversations. I think I speak quite well too *praise myself wtf* Back to the game - it was fun, and very exciting, really. Well, not only us, lots of people also seems to be enjoying Left4Dead. The only cons of the game is the game sometimes 'jump' to the desktop, and we need to restart the game again.

Other than Left4Dead, we played Counter Strike Condition Zero, in 'Ice World' map. After I start playing CSO, CS seemed to be quite difficult for me.. haha. Most of the time I was teamed up with normal level bot, and that sucked coz bots they don't know how to pick up guns and I was like battling with 5 non-bot enemy and the score was like 60 over 20 something like that. Ohh... I was pwned!

Yesterday was fun too. We went to Semambu Badminton Court and played badminton with them. The hall was crowded with hordes of uncle wtf. It's been a long time since I last sweat like rain fall. And I ended up feeling abit pain in my right wrist... geez, I should have warm up on the day before yesterday. After that.. we played ' Alien VS Predator 2 ' at Cool X. Good thing that there were not filled with cigarettes and smoke. Believe me, Alien is the best among Predator and human.

So...yeah, I'm in the office now. This crappy computer has hanged and restarted for several times for the past few hours while I'm usin




Alrite guys, it's 12.15pm right now and I need to go to have a good night sleep.

So... See ya! Byeeee~

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