17 March 2009

My 1st Nuffnang Campaign

17 March 2009

This is the first time I get this kind of inform mail from... Omg its from Nuffnang. Well, guys!! Remember to 'bong-chan' me x) I'll be gratefulllll~ Although I don't know who clicked it.. but you can tell me in my chatbox down there if you want to


The truth is, earning through Nuffnang ads really hard especially when you need to click it, the earning only counts, since nobody really go and click it. It's been more than one year, and I've only got RM10 in my Nuffnang earnings... T___T When oh when will I earn RM50 and cheque out?

2 Drops of Rain:

Ji Yan said...

email from nuffnang?
i never receive b4
d last time i check..
my earnings was RM48++
WTF so damn hard to wait for that 1 buck+++ wtf?!

阴天雨 said...

Hmm.. maybe.. because of mozilla. I never know you have Nuffnang ads in your blog. if not, i will surely click it..

Perhaps I should try to use IE for blogs sometimes.. haha~

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