31 October 2008

31 October 2008
Thanks to Mei Chin, I have got many info about The One in hand now, and thanks to Mei Chin's friend, although I dunno who he is, helped her get these info for me.

It just came right infront of my eyes, in a plastic bag, with lots of things inside.

There are 5 information sheets, same design but different color

And then information about degree-related program
Looks like need to go oversea...

As well as a newspaper, a course application form and a CD

I briefly looked at some of them, and get to know that the course I intended to take - Interior Design will cost 46300 for 3 years, and the intake will be on January. Does that mean that I'm unable to have a boring holiday, with fun part-time work at Digi, and lots of hanging out with dear friends? (I seldom hang out already since form5...)

Nomatter what the path is, and how the path looks like... I will master it, and fulfill my dream...

What is your dream, you asked.

Then do you have any? Remember how we used to write essays titled as " My Wish "... and ended up writing " My wish is to become a teacher..." or something like... " My wish is to become a policeman..."... or " My wish is to become what my parents told me to become - a lawyer...".

Teacher, Lawyer and Policeman, the 3 golden job old people always encourage us to take.

Now, to think back what I've written, it just seems kinda funny and unrealistic...

I just want to live in a beautiful house... that's all.


Gonna Change Glasses...

4 Drops of Rain:

pui sin said...

chase ur dream...

阴天雨 said...

oOO!! baxia!


what is baxia?

Anonymous said...

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