13 October 2008

Say Bye Bye To Upper6 Of Panglima Perang

13 October 2008
It was a very lucky night that I was able to attend their farewell party at Season Hotel. This hotel is located near ' Hoi Tin ' seafood restaurant, near Ms.Garden and near the bridge to Tanjung Lumpur. Yeah, I went underneath the bridge and finally reached the hotel just in time.

Old friends that were sepereated for a long long time suddenly came and gave me a very very warm welcome, until I had to be pressed on the lobby door. Jason, Zidane and more of them, it's great to see them again.

As we happily greeted each other, Ah Teo and his wife reached, in his no.988 MyVi. Everyone was like very excited to welcome them at the lobby.

Ready to greet the best couple with big smiles and big applause!!

Oh right, I've nearly forgotten to tell you all that the theme for that night was ' couple night '. Yes, only couples can join the party and No, try to think outside of the box - boys can find boys as couple too right? Yeah~

Seasons - Boutique Hotel

While they were waiting for the couple to enter the building, I quickly go out and took a picture of the hotel, roughly, simply. See? Lots of people were standing near the lobby door.

Couples of the night
Si Wei, Zhen Hua, Ah Teo and Chi Leng, dressed nicely to attend the couple night

Jackson on the left presented us 2 songs - 心动 and 唯一

Jun Zen The New President was giving speech.

The Outgoing president of Form6, Ker Seng

Seems like they joked alot there.

Then later, Ker Seng began to call out every form6 and introduce them one by one. Sure got alot of things to say about Han Leong, the guy in white shirt.

Dunno Ker Seng said what to Han Leong that he went away without looking back =D

Zidane and Jason, the 2 guy who pushed me, greeted me and smiled at me until I have to lie my whole body on the door just now. They are some funny taekwondo kaki =)

See? I din't bluff, boy and boy can attend the night too!
and Ker Seng is introducing them to the whole form6

MC of the night - Anything surprised him?

At 1st, they got the dance from Jun Jyon Jun Zen and Jackson. Hip Hop, Break Dance on the floor. The hotel doesn't have a hall. Where they danced was just plain restaurant floor.

Later, old and new president came out and gave speeches, until the introduction of each and every upper6 friends.

The buffet starts after that.

Aww, they are so lovely~

Love to play

I was surprised to hear someone said "There is no teacher and students tonight!! Hahaha~" and I only knew that the 1st guy in the left is a Chemistry teacher. Omg, looks young and doesn't look like a teacher!

Passby and say 'Cheese~!'

Semusim cafe - close for SMKTTPTM function
Hmm... I thought they organize the dinner not under school...

Orange, blackcurrent and... my cup.

They were so excited to gice a big and loud Yam Seng

and they even started to glup down their beverage in a position like that

Ah Hee and Han Leong
Lots of people were starting to take photos after they were full

A table consist of a twin brother and not a twin.

They are from Lower6
I just know some of them...

The table group photo continues...

My friends

Kai Yin and Pei Jun

Aha, what do you see in this pic? =D

Another couple from Lower6

They started to undi after and when meal. The categories were :

King Of The Night - Alex

Queen Of The Night - Siaw Weei
Preetiest Of The Night - Siaw Weei again =D

Idol / Star Of The Night - Jackson

Handsome Of The Night - De Yee

Jackson proposed to a girl, shyness and happiness were everywhere
Han Leong became a tourist guide, his style of talking and introducing was awesomely funny
Ker Seng chat nonsense at first and then sang a song called 小薇.

Who will be the solo king of the night.............
and here is it!!

Solo King - Ker Seng (right) with a song named - 小薇

Tada~ who will be the best couple?
1 out of 3....

Best Couple Of The Night - Ah Teo and Chi Leng
That's all for the undi undi thing

Next, they have mini games
Zidane and Jason were invited to 'gong gu' infront of everyone
geez, they were hilarious! I believe that no one at the dinner can beat Jason the gong gu lou xD

Jackson was invited to play something like Jumbo with...
Awkward situations for him...

Haih, my photographing rusted.

WooHo~ This guy's strong and soft waist

The Upper6

More like a fun shot

Jackson and Ah Hee in strange pose
Oh right, Ah Hee volunteered himself to sing for us - 爱我别走

Couple Lee Wen and Kar mun

Ker Seng and Pui Yong

Ming Chuan and Han Leong
oww, few years didn't see Han Leong, he never changed his smoking pose using rolled paper

Chi Ling and Ah Hee

Charming Zhen Hua and Cute cute Kong Wing

Humorous guy Han Leong and gorgeous Siaw Weei

Jing Kai and Ah Hee
Jing Kai said " Every child is an artist "

Lower6 group photo and an additional outgoing president

You snap me, I snap back you

Jason and Han Leong with a tiger statue outside of the Hotel

and lastly... a small group photo consist of upper and lower6...

Indeed, it was something special. Lots of people prefer Megaview, Vistana, Ms... but so far, as I know, this is the 1st time someone did it at Season Hotel.

- Nice atmosphere of a cafe place
- Soft and bright lights comfortable enough for eyes
- Good to be with a small group of friends

- Sound system
- No stage
- Maximum of 60 people

After the final group photo, we went.....


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如果 said...

huhu~so many couples! now only realize... o.O"

阴天雨 said...

yeah.. haih.. when's your turn arr? =D

:': sweeney珊 :': said...

i oso jz realise yuan lai so much couples..
n all are fren - fren


u be the photographer?

:': sweeney珊 :': said...

4get liao...

hor hor..
noti went to SWING..
talk about tat ma..
i wan listen =p

阴天雨 said...

haha, yeah, i was the photographer..

later la~ i will talk about swing.

1st time went swing wor.. so 久仰 de thing i must say out xD

fishfish said...

wei ah sam.. y din see u in the photos 1? nvr take even one photo? LOL...

pui yong n kerseng couple dy meh??

½ said...


my school cant see those pic zzzz

za dao..

sien diao T.T

阴天雨 said...


no la, pui yong still the same guy.. meanwhile ker seng still single.. =D

aiks.. i got take, but most of my photos are not here =/ i shall wait them to collect the whole set of photos first..


swt = = nvm nvm, go somewhere else see =D

actually my school also got the same problem, it's hopeless if u wan to see in school..

e Loe said...

han leong so leng zai !! >.< lolz

阴天雨 said...

i prefer dean fujioka... =D

Anonymous said...

lolz, thx Sam for uploading those photo~
and i hav all the photo d....
will giv u later~

nice story too~


阴天雨 said...

welcome la.. and uh, I had obtain all the upper6 photos from ker seng few days ago.

He said he is trying to get lower6's photos now =)

½ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
½ said...


prom night queen really pretty lolx =.=

sad sad i never had a prom nite b4.

btw, y i nvr see season hotel b4 geh?

like im frm kuantan oso but nvr knew the existance of this hotel =.=

阴天雨 said...

seasons hotel isn't that famous.. that's why =D

fishfish said...

pui yong still together with which guy?? i duno geh?? haha..

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