26 October 2008

Anti-Mosquito Frequency

26 October 2008
While you are using the computer, have you ever encounter a situation like... mosquito bugging around your ears like " weeeeEEEEeeee.. ", sucking your blood from your leg, making you feel itchy and uncomfortable?

Bored me. With a laggy line, I googled the whole afternoon and found only one program that actually works - to drive the blood sucker mosquito away.

You can download here:
Anti Mosquito Program
*be sure to equip the Winrar in your computer first in order to open the anti mosquito file.

I'm not sure whether it really, actually, truly works anot, but as long as I'm using this program, there is not a single mosquito appears in my room again, ever. Maybe it helps? Anyway, I don't have to whoot my electrical racket in my room again since last week, feels good.

In the other hand, I'm searching for a tone, a mp3 that can do the same thing, but this time it uses a handphone, so that... maybe one day you go outdoor activity or camping, you can use the high frequency to drive away those suckers, no computer needed, no insect repellent needed, no long-sleeve and long pants needed.

Send me if you have one, or gimme the link, I'd be very happy =D


If you really have no idea how to prevent mosquito anymore...

go get a frog =D


6 Drops of Rain:

如果 said...

but i think it's not good for human as well ya...

阴天雨 said...

hm.. dunno... they even sell the sound machine for rm2 something in china.. = =

CaiYi said...

Do you know that Anti-Mosquito Frequency is not good to human's body too... Since mosquitoes hate it, means that it isn't a good thing either

阴天雨 said...

realli? hmm.. but the frequency does not fall in human's audible range..

如果 said...

Not because that we can't hear that means no harm... u heard about the ringtones which have age range? Older people could't hear it... but the frequency does harm our hearing actually!

阴天雨 said...

uh.. right.. so... i gotta recharge my electrical shock soon..

well, it ends tonight.. haha...

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