15 October 2008

SWING - long awaited pub

15 October 2008
Food poisoning was suffering.

Ok let's talk about SWING.

After the happily ended farewell party, we had decided to move on to somewhere else to enjoy the still-young-night. It's 11pm, and we came out from the hotel lobby, with smiling, laughter and waving hands around.

I got onto my little Kenari, started the engine, and followed Zidane and Jason's car to SWING. Eventually, more and more cars arrived at the car park. We parked our car before Just Relax, on the left, and walked alittlebit more before we reached SWING.

There are many small pubs and clubs are available in Kuantan, but the most popular and happening clubs is located in middle of the city, opposite Megamall, Next to Mexica, infront of Just Relax, named 'SWING' . It was consider high standard clubs compare with others in this city. It was crowed on every Friday and Saturday as the major customer are teens and business man. So, if you longed for a nightlife, here's one choice - SWING.

We walked up the stairs outside of SWING, there were some menu board and ads around. The main door is dark, but still could see the lights spinning inside, I already could heard the music pumping hard and loud from the inside.

I slowly pushed the door open...

The first thing I heard was the heavy bass... it was like rushing out, beating your whole body.
The first thing I sense was black walls, dark surroundings were covering me.
The first thing I saw was all lights were off, only several disco lights were spinning like crazy around the stage.
The first thing I smelled was heavy smoke from cigarette, whether Marlboro or cheap stuff, it was uncomfortable.

[On the left side]
There is a counter, with no beer but a colorful light system glowing with different colors. (rumors said that they don't have license for alcoholic beverage =x)

[While on the right side]
There were tables and chairs, not really very nice tables, just some simple wooden and aluminium tables, and some sofa. I followed my friends to the right side - to the sofa there and sat. Few seconds later, a look-like-malay guy came and shouted at my friends!


because... live band was singing hard on the stage, that's why soft voices won't work. Everyone was like shouting in their ears in order to chat with friends~ hahahaha~ They ordered 2 buckets of Heineken and paid, but I don't really know how much is it, but all I know is Heineken was so smooth in my throat. Paiseh, I social drink, not a wine lover =D

Friends started to dance funnily... we fooled around, played like crazy... the atmosphere was high, and ' Last Night ' was playing on air.

Actually there were not many people, around 20 stranger were infront of us, near the stage. I sat at a corner and observed the people around... Guy flirting girls, smoking females, guy sat quietly in a corner chit chatting with female, smoker, drinker, dancer, playing psp, some even stare at the stage do nothing.

Some of our friend went out earlier because they can't bear the heavy smoke inside, and ended went out and eat ' lok lok ' at the ' lok lok ' car outside of SWING. We saw through the window from the inside.

I must admit, Queen Of The Night - XiaoWei was dancing hot... beautiful.. outstanding... and very disco style..

I can imagine the place with full of people. It could be a dangerous place. Lots of friends suggested that if you want to have fun, want to happy, no need to go this kind of place.. maybe one time or two time ok la.. but always is not a good idea.. night life.. agree?

10 Drops of Rain:

½ said...

suang dao~~

we planned to go there everytime but jz always dont work out T.T

阴天雨 said...

doesn't work out? too bad.. we suggest and work out on the spot =D

it was fun that night.. real fun.

pui sin said...


阴天雨 said...

Yeah! thats what im talking about =D

:': sweeney珊 :': said...

always go no good de..
full of smoke??????
omg....i dun like it =.=
but..i wan to go ~~

got check IC boh???

阴天雨 said...

haha.. this kind of place is like that de ler.. i just dont understand why don't they equip one ' smoke sucker ' at the ceiling there.. then, all the smoke mai get suck into it and be blow away lor, so good so fresh..

but there is no one = ="

anyway, go see see if you are old enough.. kaka.. then, you will say "this is how a pub looks like"

fishfish said...

LOL ahsam u should go and gv ur suggestion to the tauke there.. haha..

yer me oso everytime wan to go oso tak jadi..

阴天雨 said...

haha.. tauke won't listen to a kid's word de.. nowadays alot of people judge you by your age..

hope you can go there soon .. haha~

but must becareful. You won;t know what you will encounter inside.

½ said...

20th + i go back find u go haha~

stpm half way we go xD

阴天雨 said...

lolz lolz lolz!

can de... today my classmate even planned to go CC fight CSO..

who lose then who tanggal seluar xDD

sure joking la, but it was funny XDDD

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