06 September 2008

Max Pain?

06 September 2008
My childhood game - Max Payne
( Actually it's Max Payne 2 - The Fall Of Max Payne )

It was a surprise that the game, it's going onto the big screen on October.

The special of the game is that you are able to perform a dodge shoot, yet in a bullet time. That means, it's like matrix, you can catch the directions of the bullets with your eyes, or you can easily defeat them in an instance while they haven't got a chance to react. This game, it's just like an American movie. It's a dark world.

More and more games are going to be produce into movies, so... I think that someday, Zelda, Mario, Counter Strike or Maple would become a movie. Oh yea, Maple Story has got a set of anime, but... better don't watch it, if you are a Maple kaki, you will puke. Go You-Tube search for Zelda, there's a movie trailer.

I'm looking forward to Metal Gear Solid...

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