26 September 2008


26 September 2008
Huhu, today skipped class again because of them, they said next week will be Buka Puasa hence declare Friday as an early holiday. Oww, staying at home makes me feel so bored.

I downloaded CSO to have a try just now. It's a so-so for me. There are only 2 types of model to choose from, so you always see the same model running around you. Anyway, the game is quite new, it's still in beta. Yeah, they spill green blood around when shot by someone wtf.

" Oi, let's go 九王爷 to ask for a sign (lolz I really dunno what is called 求签 in english) "

" When can we?? I wanna let them look at my palm la~! "

" Your palm your palm, your palm got gold ar?? "

" Aiyo, I wanna ask for love and next year's studies ma... "

" Ish, let me get 上上签, muahaha muahahaha muahahahahaha~ "

" 变态… "

I'm searching for a school that provide Interior Design course. I don't think I can do any good in science, accounting, business fields. I just love to draw, I love art... Maybe not.

In a split second I feel like I'm so useless =_________=

Btw, I'm looking at PJ College of Art & Design - Interior Design's courses:

Semester 1
Fundamental Drawing - Fundamental means basic, the easiest level.
3 Dimensional Studies
Theory & Practice of Design
English for Communication
Bahasa Kebangsaan A (Malaysian Students Only)

Semester 2
History of Art & Design
Studio Drawing
Digital Applications in Design
Introduction to Photography - Ahh, good thing I have one.
Critical Studies
Technical Drawing

Semester 3
Interior Design 1 (Residential)
Computer Aided Design 1 - AutoCAD...
Visual Delineation
Furniture Science
Building Technology
History of Design
Pengajian Malaysia (Malaysian Students Only)

Semester 4
Interior Design 2 (Retail)
Computer Aided Design 2
Furniture Design
Environmental Graphics
Building Services
Pendidikan Moral / Pengajian Islam (Malaysian Students Only)

Semester 5
Interior Design 3 (Hospitality)
Computer Aided Design 3
Professional Practice
Specifications & Contracts
Industry Work Placement Program

Semester 6
Major Project

Uhh, what is MAJOR PROJECT? An opportunity for students to design a space? *wet wet eyes * wtf.

People are calling me to play facebook. Since I'm already not so active in friendster, I don't feel like playing facebook. Even though people are adding me via facebook, I just simply accept.

Friendster has become a dangerous place. Not even a little privacy is allowed. Wait till I graduate from AP only upload me and my girlfriend's photos... haha... just kidding, currently I'm single.

Well, I should visit 九王爷 to ask about my love. I still remember last year, I asked for it, and the people there told me, next year only come, call me study hard first.

Yeah, 2008, this is the 'next year' he mentioned, but where? Ohhhhhh Mai Loveeee....

First love, without knowing anything, people go and ' love ' someone. After each other depart on their own path, they started to realise, ' love ' is something that can't be taken lightly.. haiz..

Hah! Maybe I'm the one whose been rejecting people (no i did not boast). I just feel not ready, and hence... I lost several opportunities to be with some good girls. Oh great me -_- haih.

Back to reality. The sky is getting darker... but I din't smell rain coming. Waiting for my friend to return my camera back. Oh my precious, I swear I won't let you go into other people's hand again..

Lending a '4K thing' to a friend, although trusted, is not a good idea after all. It could lead to... losing a friend instead losing a '4K thing'.

Just like the phone, me? I don't think I will let you play with my phone whether there's anything private inside.


S.H.E's new song recommandation : 安静了, 沿海公路的出口.

Go download at sogou.com as usual.

Have a nice day.

Jay's new look is more like Joker than a Magician, but still cool.

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