03 July 2008


03 July 2008
After all the hardwork of arranging the numbers, finally, I can win all of them easily with my powerful set of 25 numbers arranged strategically.

Most of the teachers that supposed to come to my class were off - some of them were gone for meeting about july papers (haih), and some were gone for some kind of course only for teachers. When they were back, i bet they become very pale because of the pressure there - pressure from peers, pressure from exams and even pressure from the environment. I've heard about the situation how the course looks like, well, pressure is all I can describe.

So, there were many empty periods on that day. We started to play BINGO (the primary school's multiplayer game on paper, consists of 25 numbers in a 5x5 arrangement.)

7 Players Game:

" 5 "
then we crossed out number 5 in our own paper.
Next person's turn.
" 18 "
This guy 100% called out this number, coz it's his favourite football player's number.
" 3 "
" Whoa! 这个一定是老式! xD "
Yeah, coz number 3 is in the middle, the old style everyone knew, and most of us were using this style.
Then sometimes outside was quite noisy
" 17 "
" Har!? What you just said?? O_o "
" 17~! "
And sometimes ppl gone bengong
" 20 "
*scribble scribble...*
" 18 "
" wait wait wait! Where's my 20!? Dun so fast first~ Ahaha ^_^" "
" 7 "
" Wtf!? 7 not said dy meh?? "
" Mana ada? em... u got cross out 17 anot? "
" Oi? what the...?? Aiyo! messed up! "
And climax arrived
" Na! Na! Na! say properly ar! "
" ... "
Then silent for awhile....
" 10! BINGO!! "
" Bingo!! "
" Yeah~! "
" Eh!! why don't you say 11?? Like that then I mar bingo lor! "
" Argh!! I just need one more line!! "
The very rare 'perfect' situation:
" Bingo! =] "
" Walau A! How come so fast?? o_O "
" You tot I cheat ar?? Nah, let u see my paper lar~ "
*Throw pen*
" Kns la, how come so geng de? Eh how u arrange your number? let us kap har la wei? "
" Bluek xP "

Actually we can go and cross out some numbers that haven't been call out also can bingo easily, but.. who cares? The most important thing is we had fun, really fun.

For more than 2 hours we've been playing BINGO, from the 1st period after recess until school's end.
That was one of the most relaxing day in Form6.


Monday Is A Happy Day

2 Drops of Rain:

fishfish said...

wei... monday is not a happy day leh.. monday my class from 8am to 4pM!!! T.T

samlzx said...

wow! such pity.. then mar very suffer lo? whole holiday homework din touch before? haha..
actually there's more reason why monday is MY day.. ha~

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