08 July 2008

Google Yourself With Quotes ( "yourname" )

08 July 2008
Have you ever tried searching for your own name? Maybe after the movie " Wanted " lolololol

It appears that there is one girl named "Lim Zhi Xian" in S'pore and another 2 in M'sia wtf

oh yea, add me in, there are 3 as far as I'm concerned, lol

Well, the conclusion - quite Funny

wtf with "I hate LIM AH GAO(Lim Zhi Xian) She invaded bla bla..."
"...who is very man, who live very near MRT station. and that's bla bla bla..."
ABSOLUTELY not me xDD both also funnnnny!~!~

and then the next page still got one from National Service's site... lolololol!
then.. most of the name from people's blogs isme.

How come linked me in full name??
Sounds strange lar >_<
anyway.. hahahahahahaha~ xD


Call me Ah Sam.

2 Drops of Rain:

fishfish said...

ah sam! XD
u went to NS before??????? y i duno wan?!!

haha.. btw... I watched this WANTED with ahkek.. then both of us told each other we searched for our names in google before... HAHA...

samlzx said...

oh no no.. that one is not me! I've never been to NS before ^^ see 'his' IC number, mine is on March and 'his' is on May, probably? very clear that is not me.. kaka~

and this.. is the 1st time I tried to google myself xD funny funny~

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