28 July 2008

A Little Fun of School Life

28 July 2008
Finally, the busyness, it's over. Can have a short rest for awhile now.

I enjoyed alot during the Hari Koko, it was quite fun and surprisingly abit crazy.

I completed the signboard, packed up all the important things such as camera, battery and memory card, and went to bed at 2.30am sharp. Wow, if you want me to K books until 2.30am, stop dreaming la, but if you call me to draw things until 2.30am, yeah no problem~ ^^

The next morning, I handed the signboard to Nick - the team leader, and let themselves do the hanging. Their stall was located at the outer corner of the row, and considered very lucky, just like last year.

After that, I went to school cooperation to see who's there and need any help or not. Kha Wai was in the class next to the cooperation doing some sort of wiring, trying to fix the sound system. Very soon, the class would be used to play a kind of bowling game, and whoever get the highest score, he/she will be bringing a carton of drinks back home, sounds cool izzit??

"Semua pelajar sesi petang sila masuk ke dewan sekarang juga..."

And the opening ceremony started with a bang, in the hall. Although it was Saturday morning, there were still alot of people came to school. One thing I remembered the most was our Headmaster, Mr.Chim caught some 'smart looking' guys that aint Air Putih Student, and said with his very low tune, "Kami tak parnah cakap bagi orang luar masuk." Well, you think he can chase all outsiders away?

Everyone started to do business, the atmosphere was already burning hot from the beginning. There were many food stalls, a place that displayed pengakap's thingy, several game stalls and lots of performances in the hall.

One stall that made the school looks like 'Pasar malam', aside from all the food stalls and game stalls, there was a stall that sold rings, earrings, and those things to wear on your body. They even tried to hung some T-shirts up for sale but they did not coz my classmate's stall was just beside them, and they were frying things that caused oily atmosphere.

I received a big nice purple earring from JunYie, and that made me became her Ji Mui... haha~

Let's talk about the game. One of the games that was quite funny was "Can You Hit Me!?" It's a disc throwing game that cost RM1. One round, you will get 3Cds and from a distance, you throw your discs towards a Teddy Bear and make it falls down. The presents are chocolate sticks and candies. It was fun and funny by looking at Kok Chun spending RM6 to hit the bear, and managed to bring some prizes back.

Cooperation's game was similiar to bowling. With a softball, a person needs to roll it over the tables and try to hit down as many bottles as he/she can. The minimum condition to play this game is to buy a bottle of drink from cooperation, mostly Pepsi Max and Revive. An Indian guy managed to score 39 at the very beginning of the day, and others were like 30, 29, 25 and lower, darn he's good! Some rich little bastard bought a bottle of Pepsi and poured out the filings, just because he only wanted to play the game. In the end, 2 of our classmates successfully get themselves to the top 15, they are Nick and Weii Zhi.

Besides, there were also 2 Haunted House this year, and they were doing business on the same row = =" The 2nd Haunted house's promoter was wearing a greenish explosive hair, and disguised himself as a clown, walking around the school, well.. it was quite attractive I'd say.

Why did I say " 2nd " ? Coz the 1st haunted house was located nearer to the field where everyone was selling and buying foods, and obviously, " 2nd " means deeper, and further compare to the 1st one.

I did not went into the Haunted House (takder minat), but after they stopped doing business, Hoe Yip and me went into it to take a look. The 'ghosts' weren't there already, but at the very last corner Hoe Yip got abit frightened by a tall guy, but when we walked closer, we only realised that was a mirror! and the image of himself, haha...

And I heard that the 2nd Haunted house earned more than the 1st haunted house. Such surprise that the 1st house which located strategically better than the 2nd house earned lesser. They earned approximately RM900 while the 2nd house earned approximately RM1000, of course, the school will tax everyone 10% of their earning (only apply to those who earned more than RM100, and of course, everyone will try their best to make fake account that shows just a little earning, or worst, deficit)

"Tactical Water Shooting Game - Your Team Needs You" was a game that allow you to play with water guns. It was a 4 on 4 game and the main objective was to capture the opposing team's flag and return it to your starting place. Zi Keong, Kent, Loon Huat and me went to the place to watch the game. It was fun looking at students playing happily inside the battlefield, they ran around shooting people crazily, played stealth and sneaked pass their enemy carelessly. Oh, each person got a water bomb at the beginning(water filled in plastic bag and tied up). They provided raincoats but all I saw were wet players coming out from the battlefield. Obviously they don't need water resistant armor.

Some little calculation:
1 player = RM3
1 team = RM12
to start a game, they need 2 teams
2 teams = RM24
one round = 3 mins
one hour = roughly 20 rounds = RM480
Business time = roughly 4 hours
How much they earned?
4 hours x RM480?

Anyway, I just heard that they earned approximately RM200 only.

We chatted many things in class today, and I found out something.

It's a surprise that a string of sotong balls mix with chicken balls that sold RM1.50 the reputation was quite nice. Maybe because they added the breadcrumb to make it crispier and look nicer... haha... Then, the sticky sweet idea that came from Shin Yee was ok too. Hundred something of sticky sweet was totally sold out. Mostly the customers came to buy on their own, only the last 3 stick that Shin Yee need to went round the school and promoted it. There are special offers for this sticky sweet, like, 1 for RM1.50, 2 for RM2.50, 3 for RM4.00, so.. I can't count out exacly how much was the sale.

The most exxagerated case was my classmate had received RM40+ FAKE COUPONS, pity them. But still, luckily they got back what they pay for, and about the RM40 fake coupons, I don't think that the school will let them claim. That's what we were talking about today, just use real money to deal la, why must the school use cheap-made coupons that can be photostate by greedy and stupid people?? This is causing so much unnecessary trouble.

I love my classmate's cheerful attitude, when the business time was over, everyone took their own coupons and claim from the school. Some people was so shocking that they received fake coupons as much as RM8, while my classmates just laugh at them...

"Hahaha, we got RM40 of fake coupons..."
Then those people immediately went silent.

Overall, it was fun. I ran here ran there, bringing my camera, snap here and there although there are not many nice photos, played PSP, talked nonsense through the speaker, bought some food not more than RM3 (the minimum amount everyone has to pay before Hari Koko). Let's see what I have eaten...

My Fav Ice Lemon Tea - Free (Thanks to 6A2 - my beloved classmates)
Delicious Home-made Coffee flavour Cookie - RM2 (by Niki Mok and her family)
Cheap Sarsi Flavoured Ice Cream - Free (Thanks to Hoe Yip)
Beautiful looking Jelly - Rm1 (Simply buy de, taste not so nice)
and a few cups of Pepsi Max from Cooperation.

Yup, that's all. I did not went into the school hall, but I can tell that inside, there were orchestra lead by Mr.Winston, shuffle and hip-hop, something like that lah.

I went back home at 1.30pm, and immediately get ready the EMCEE script for that night's ICT annual BBQ...

Abit Of Photos here:

6A2 Team Leader - Nick and his stall's signboard made by Hoe Yip and Me

Drink Pepsi MAX!
Hoe Yip was cool~ =DD

Beckham's hair and Beckham's Signatures on the bottles...

A Variety Flavor of Sticky Sweets...

Adam's doing demonstration of Pengakap's thingy

Juke Box station
oh? Hitz Site?

The ICT guy who spent RM6 killing the Teddy bear...

"Hit me, Misser~ nanananana~"

Silly me wtf
Liew Chien and Hui Chien was behind me...

The Coupon Station
located in the middle of the food fair, strange location, hard to find.

The Promoter with greenish explosive hair!
Attractive guy~

Cikgu Hussein on the act!
Cooperation's little bowling game

Tactical Water Shooting Game
Not bad, but time too short.

Dunno who from sbs
Ppl say kenot show face

Kent with the Speaker,having fun with friends =D

The 1st Haunted House


Is there a "next time" for us...?

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