18 July 2008

Taman Pertanian (Photos)

18 July 2008
"Kerana Tingkatan Enam tahun ini macam tak der mood nak belajar saja..."

And we ended up like this:

The Very Beginning

Most Of The Path Look Like This

Soldiers and Muddy Faces

Spidey Zhen Lun

Power Overwhelming
(Nick: Wtf my Charisma White Shirt...)

Pendatang Haram Kena Tangkap Scene

Someone's Floating Among Us
Here Is Where Lintah Darah Lives

Beauty or Wild Beast?

Memories Of Upper6, SMKAP (2008)

SK and Me
Gonna Fly Soon~ Peace

" WEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!11 "
That's Mr.Ching

These are some pictures captured by Mr.Ching and En.Mubin, our school's counselor and GPK T6.

Movie leh... nothing special la.. and I still dunno how to edit movies.. so.. din upload for ya'll sorrie.

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