20 July 2008


20 July 2008
I get Band 5, surprisingly.

It was like a sin to get band 5..

They started to critic me when i speak out even one English word:

The guys sat together and talked about Pokemon on the 1st day of July paper.

I walked there, and joked " Wah, Pokemon Study Team ar? "

The next second, I kena dah.

Hoe Yip keep on telling people that I get the result, so Paiseh...

First, he called people to congrats me, and next, he wanted people to thank him because he said he is the one who always talked English to me in class:

" Les Go! "

Everyone ROFLOL.

The Next day, July's MUET paper:

Hoe Yip said " 最近开始看人了 "

and kept hugging me until we entered ICT lab to start the exam.

I not want to blow or what, but everyone kept sat beside me.

Yah, they want me not, what they want is the answers.

At class, MUET became a sensitive issue.

Whenever I said something about that, I know I kena again, because I'm just sitting beside a Gemini!! (say ppl = best; say self = kenot)

And that makes my life RoxX.

The only Band5 in Air Putih was something big, but I don't dare to admit that I'm very geng in English.

They said the questions were very easy.

You know what is 'Lucky'?

Yes, I am a lucky person.

And I understand that luck is not something eternal.

Anyway! Cheers to me! It's more than enough I think.



226 Marks - Low Band 5

2 Drops of Rain:

fishfish said...

fuiyooo.. band 5!!!!!!! damn high!!!!! congrats!!!

samlzx said...

thankyou thankyou >.<

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