25 July 2008

Telur Daun Teh?

25 July 2008
The BUSYNESS has not been reduced lately. When I thought that the war, that is July paper has come to an end, and only I realize that more outdoor activities are waiting for me to step in.

This Saturday, we (SMKAP) are having Hari Koko (so-called Hari Perdagangan in SMKTP) and my classmates are selling fried food. Although I'm not involving myself in the team (I'll be hanging out with my camera), but still, my job is to help them design a signboard, which is the banner; the first soul; their appearance; the little image of their stall.

a) Signboard - Designing (2% Done)
b) Emcee Script - Preparing (50% Done)

The ICT Annual BBQ, the script, and I'm the Emcee of the night wtf. (Why me? This is so wrong! ) Because I accept it, soft hearted, haih...

And more, there's no half price for us who are going to graduate, not even a little discount, darn!

Will upload the Signboard when done. Hope it looks beautiful =D

Gotta get busy now, tata...


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