07 July 2008

Top Ten Charity Performance

07 July 2008
Last Saturday night i went to 十大义演 (Shi Da, Big Ten, Top Ten...) to give out newspapers and burgers wtf Actually I'm under Nan-G and went there just to help out. Eventually, I saw some friends from TP and students from AP as well.

*Text Messaging
[hey.. are u wearing red coat and blue jeans dress?]
Well, some sort of greeting lol.

As time goes by, more and more female and male 'seafood' were there.

"whoa, he sure come here to perform on stage later"
"Whoa! One more group is here to dance..."
"ish, lazy see la, so many 'seafood', also kenot see finish de..."

While some of us(Nan-G) were giving out the food sponsors by Carlsberg, I accompanied my friends to sell lightstick. Most of them were green color, while blue is the rare one.

It's funny to see those Chinese ah ma took a huge pack of burgers away without asking anyone, shook head is only what I could.

As usual, we sat infront of the VIP's seat - sat on the floor and watch the show until it ended. The speaker wasn't very nice I'd say, sounded blurry, not clear at all haih.

What clear was the LITTLE GIRLS at the free seat on our right side!!

Shouted all the way for 2 hours long.
Therefore, we made a statement:
是又喊,不是又喊 orz

Compare to last time's performance at Jubli perak if not mistaken, this time's ShiDa lose abit, I think the performance, the stage drama isn't that great, and most importantly, I know none of those new singer except 曾国辉and罗忆诗... oww, seriously outdated~

We went to Lai Yuen after the show to credit the whole achievement. Those juniors were taking signatures and photos from their lovestar, actually I wanted to take a photo with 曾国辉 but his manager was dragging him away real quick after we all had our group photo haih suan le ba.

钟盛忠's lil sister - Stella

We, having quick dinner while helping out

The scene that night

She seems very high when obtaining signature from 曾国辉

We, selling lightsticks

She seems very excited
I dunno who is this guy, just know everyone's talking about his cool cool hair

Group Photo of carlsberg
Ours? Not here yet, soon~ soon~


So, while I was trying to find a crack/patch for a video editing program, I ended up screwing my own computer with a stupid virus called "Antivirus2008pro".


Formatted my computer, as well as renewed my blog's Layout.
Love it, love it~
and there goes my Monday, since after school 1.10pm till now 9.00pm I had been restoring my computer's missing softwares.
Tired tired...
eye pain again >.<


I love Piano...

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