12 July 2008

Lintah Darah !!

12 July 2008
"Wear Charisma shirt and bring some clothes to change, oh, don't forget to bring an extra underwear too."

And after the Thursday's assembly was over, we headed to Taman Pertanian by school bus.

Everyone was like " Wah! WAh! WAH! THE BUS IS MOVING!! " I think we were too excited to go out together wtf

Chit-chatted, blew aircond and sang stupidly all the way until we reached there. The 1st thing we saw was the Flying Fox, start from the right and ends at the leftside, and a muddy lake between them.

After we threw our bags in some of those camping sites, guess what, the 1st place we visited was the toilet. Full of bugs wings on the floor. At least, there were doors and seperated 'bath rooms', no need paiseh liao~ hahaha!

Later, we attended the motivation lesson by Tuan Haji Sen(?) He's quite humorous, maybe that's why he's quite popular among motivators, that's what I heard from our counsellor larr.

We had karipop and doughnut as a simple breakfast, and continue our next mission - prepare for the upcoming challenges. Whole gang ppl followed the jurulatih and marched to the specific place. Oh dear, the 1st obstacle was 2 trunks of trees waiting for us to whatever over it. (whatever = jump, climb, fly, go through, whatever lah!) and there's mud already.

Then along the way, mud... mud... quicksand type mud... branches... leafs... jungle... swamp... lake... mud... forest... wet floor... slippery surface... deep and shallow swamp... get that picture? haha~

Then we got rope climbing, feel like as if you became spiderman with your butt facing 30something friends behind you. Some of us fell down into the quicksand type swamp, and many of us hurt our arm.

We even crouched down, crawlded across tunnels with electric wayars *ahem*, Tarzan style rope swinged, climbed up climbed down, run here run there, and the hardest part was the last stage of all 8 stages. Hoe Yip and me sacrificed to become the human elevator, hahaha~ to let them climb up to the road from the river full of " lintah darah " that suck human blood, that can go through your socks, that if you remove it forcefully, you will be very very itchy for the next one week. Mostly, everyone's heavy, but some people I lifted up was light as feather.

Luckily... luckily... luckily... no one kena that lintah darah suck blood *phew* oh wait oh wait, lintah darah is called as leech. But, bitten by jungle mosquitoes were unavoidable. After the jungle tracking, we headed for the bathrooms. It's funny that they were afraid to take away our muddy clothes full of leafs and sand, coz they were scared to see if there's leeches on their body.

You may overheard some " colorful " thingy while girls and boys' washroom is just next to each other, waaa~ *happy drooling*

After that, Flying Fox.

We wore safety belt, safety helmet and climbed a tower that height about 4~5 floors. Now I know why safety helmet is needed, because when you climbed the stairs, your head will surely knocked the stairs above you.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" I am the only one shouted like crazy, haha. Not really scared of speed and height, just shout for fun.

My arm hurts alot...

and the next day (Fri), I skipped school coz I barely raise my right arm up, where got mood to go school with condition like that *brrr*

Heard that some friends got itchy body all over, keep on scratch and scratch...

Mosquito bite marks like stars in the sky....

Scars all over the arm and legs...

And Friday night, Hoe Yip keep scratching his body from 8 to 9.30pm due to skin allergy? and we called him Gatal Man *Laughs*

Did we get motivated?? Who knows, better keep the shoes for now.

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