21 May 2008

Random Pics

21 May 2008
Scissors, Rock, Cloth Game and I lost.
Omg my 1st time trying Wasabi
Well, tears do roll around my eyes =x
P.S. - Defenitely NOT wanting to try this! I was forced by friends! Oww...

Sushi King orh ^
but mostly all of them are stuffed with rice = ="
Anyfing special?

3 people dishes
there's more beside this lololol~
That little 'thing' between the plates - is the prawn...

Their Ice cream tastes unique!
but very costly, 6 (1 set) for se7en something..

Orh, it's the rain =/

Photography + Snooker = Will produce Nice photographs and New EXP
I will try that someday = =+

Prince Caspian : The Chronicle Of Narnia
It's a very nice Fairytale, I love the battle when they made their first ambush towards the enemy's castle although they retreated at last.
P.S. - My 1st time watching 'Narnia'.

Big Apple
The Hottest Topic nowadays

Ooh I love 'Snowberg'
(Top right corner)
and Strawberry Flavour
yum yum~

Oh crap, it's dead.

How random can it be? lol!
My Breakfast before school.

I tolong my friend copy the tips for exam
and I found out that his palm is not enough for me to write
Thats why I might as well write on his arm.

Later, he gets mad and show his 'SPIDERMAN' tattoo on his chest!
ooOOo.. scary~!
No la, actually it looks more like a ladybird, his youngest brother draw him one while he's asleep, roflmao! (rolling on floor laugh my ass out)


P.S. - About the Teruntum's cinema - 5 Star Lotus
My first impression was - The sofa / chair is very comfortable!! and can lie my head down without worries o_O but some stupid butt at behind kicked my chair that time.

2 Drops of Rain:

如果 said...

seem like u went to east coast mall and spent a lot, haha~
Well, I haven't watch movie at teruntum cinema yet.Becareful ^o^ there're very 'mang'... kaka!

samlzx said...

lolz! yaya, i heard there really 'mang' =p anyway, after the movie, it's like.. " where's the exit of Teruntum?? " ish.. hard to find an opening door = ="

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