12 May 2008


12 May 2008
At 1st, we all went to the library and waited outside for awhile and everyone started to take out their MUET note books or whatever can read de lah haih. One MUET exam cost us RM60 arr.. if can't get a minimum of band 3 then 'sai sai' lor.

Ok, what is MUET?
Malaysian English University Test
Edited: Malaysian University Entrance Test

For what?
Some said the higher grade you get, the easier for you to go U. Some said it's a must to graduate from xx college/ U. I said, it doesn't matter to me as i'm not going to U.. mostly lol.

What's a " BAND " in MUET?
Well, it's like your result. There's 6BANDs totally. BAND1 is the worst and BAND6 is the English PRO. It's easy to understand, isn't it? Usually ppl aimed for BAND4, and BAND3 is consider 'pass'. BAND5 if you want to go Singapore.

There will be 4 tests. Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening.

Speaking - yeah, you open your mouth and blah blah all the way 12 minutes lol. Be natural.
Reading - Do 50 objective questions in 2 hours time.
Writing - One summary and one essay in 1.5 hours.
Listening - they will play the CD in a radio and you will listen and circle 15 answers in your paper.

When and where the exam will be?
For your information, all I know is, in a single year, there's 2 times of MUET exam but before that, remember to register to take the exam. The 1st exam was held on 6th May and 10th May while the other one will be in the end of October.

The exam, well, i will say mine. My SPEAKING exam was held in the library. We went in, waited there to be called one group by one group (of course, we choose our group members of 4 ppl on our own). Each group used up around 30 minutes, and once the 1st group went in, we were NOT ALLOWED to go toilet! oh my.. did you know that the library's air conditioner was in the maximum state in the early morning!? it's so cold inside. You won't stop shivering and started to think about the lovely toilet.

Well, i waited from 8am till 10am and it's finally my group's turn! Too bad I messed up in Task A: 'Individual talk'. Everyone was given 2 minutes to talk their point, and I only manage to think of 1 main point for that, and the worst is I forgotten to make a conclusion! Oww.. well, it's all about fast thinking or basic knowledge blah watever. We did the Task A pretty fastforward.

Now, on Task B: 'Group Discussion', I think i did it pretty well, more natural than Task A I'd say. At least some very-natural-word i used in the exam hall opened up the examinors' eyes wide wide lol. Hope they give me additional marks on that blekz. Hoe Yip (remember my previous post?) stuck in the 7th ~ 8th minutes, he got no more point to carry on and hence, he decided to make a conclusion,

" err.. can we make a conclusion now? "

Kha Wai immediately stretched out his right hand with a stop post and said,

" NO ITS TOO EARLY FOR THAT, i think that.. (blah blah) "

Here's how we sat on 6th May in the library.

__________[Candidate C]_[Candidate D]
[Examiner B]-------------------------------------[Examiner A]
__________[Candidate B]____[ Me ]

Got the image there?

Days later, we had our listening, writing and reading. it was like normal exams lar. Ntg special actually just my essay like sh*t, others still ok ok nia. Hope i will get BAND4 lol.

Here's the paper that costs me RM60.

Enjoy MUET-ing. Alternatively, It's English subject for Form6.

p.s. : Actually take or not take doesn't affect my life coz im not going university.. mostly.

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MilOrZzz said...

eh dun worry lor cause I think my teacher once told me that conclusion is not important. I forgot either its for Task A or Task B. xD Anyway good luck to you =)

samlzx said...

yah really? haha.. nvm la, it's over anyway. Thx ^^

如果 said...

u no need list up until so details gua, haha~ good luck =)
MUET is just a pass to go in U, but u also no need la, worry what?
But, y u wanna waste ur 60 ringgits to sit for the test? haiz...

samlzx said...

to prove my english wahahaha~

well, i stopped my MUET tuition after this. Next week i will be having MUET 3 exam lol. That one.. haha.. last year in school we whole class lazy write the essay and handed up a piece of beautiful clean paper

fishfish said...

wah sam.. u should be ok one la... dont kaiwan xiao~ lol!
anyway, good luck ya! =)

samlzx said...

hehe.. thx thx ^^ well.. teacher's day is just too fast to arrive. if not, i can let my MUET teacher look at my result, and say... happy teacher's day~! x)

milorzzz said...


sam ah sam..

read my blog wor/.

jz cre8ed xD

but with 0 post wahahaha

fishfish said...

wah~ good student man! nvm la u just kiss your teacher la she will be happy one... hahaha...

samlzx said...

ish.. blog link leh? fast fast po something 1st. haha =D

kenot~ my kiss is only for... muahahahahaha~ xD

xianfu said...



nice post abt d MUET. really neat.
Ya. totally agree man. Take MUET for fun nia.. but take also la, want 2 masuk universiti much much easier ma.

samlzx said...

thanks xianfu!

well, waiting for da result to come out now ^^

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