30 May 2008

Dragon Ball the Movie?

30 May 2008
How long have you all not been to the full-of-secondary-life-memories MegaMall?
3 weeks? 1 months? 6 months? or more than that?

Omg, whole Mgm only got 3 Stations. Nowonder I couldn't find it last time.
Yah, you only pay one fifty when you feel like leaving.

Did you ever tried to eat 'tree skin'?
At ECM, Pizza Hut's bread and pizza tastes like that.
It's hard to bite, it's skin like, and it sucks in quality.
Believe me, Megamall's Pizza Hut is alot better.


But still, I'd like to try Domino Pizza one day.

2 Drops of Rain:

tifoso =) said...

haha sure lar megamall pizza hut got standard 1 lar.. otherwise i wouldnt work there.. wahhaaha

samlzx said...

Good to hear that~ ^^

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