09 May 2008

Hoe Yip In ' Dart '

09 May 2008

This guy very lame, sitting beside me in class, always bring me laughter, and of course, bring laughter to whole class, and even more, to whole form6. I admit he's a great guy, treats his friends very good, and love to joke around, especially when there's no one around, he only dare to do so. Wakakaka~

Enjoy this combination of short clips, it's about him playing dart at my house.

Starring : Hoe Yip
Cameraman : me! (say " meh liew meh liew " that one lol)
Camera model : my handphone SE W810
Movie Combining : Kha Wai
Movie Uploading : Kha Wai
Software Used : 3GP to AVI Converter


This is what TRUE POTENTIAL means!

9 Drops of Rain:

sIsI said...

so fake~!!!!


ta daun part!! lol~~

samlzx said...

oh.. miss out one ppl to credite.. haha..

u think this is real? this video is the lamest.. hahaha~!


如果 said...

really lame~ but i wanna see u to do it!

samlzx said...

wow wow wow! hahaha... =D

Well, sure! i will think of something new and better (lamer) than this!

Next time! after my mid year (12 - 23 may) MuahAhahaHaha~!

sIsI said...

very jia~~
not real de~~ LOL izit?

samlzx said...

Sure it's fake one lar! w810 can pause the movie when recording ma ^^

sIsI said...

use w810 so long..nvr cut video b4...


u buy wat colours de?XD

fishfish said...

swt swt swt swt swt..!!! so lame man!! but post in youtube maybe can tipu siu mui mui.. hahaha...

samlzx said...

me? black color de.. and using strawberry theme made by myself xD

haha.. my class monitor uploaded de. He's freaking popular in school nw lol lol xD

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