18 May 2008

How To Make Paper Rose

18 May 2008
11st, prepare your desire paper(1 piece), a glue & a ruler.

2Tear/cut the paper into a square size.

3Fold another way to make a " x " line.

4It's pretty straight forward here. Fold it 3 times horizontally & Vertically.
Tips: Use the ruler to iron through every fold to make it a sharp folding.

5At each corner, fold 4 squares into triangles.

6Then follow this picture.

7Fold one more time to make it look like superman logo lol.

8Fold a small rectangle at the bottom. Remember to measure the boxes.

9Open it back, fold it just like the picture shown above.

10It should become like this after u fold 2 times horizontally & vertically.

11Ok, this is a tricky and damn hard part i know. Try your best to make it become 3d.

12(The Standing Pose)
It looks like this when you fold it into half. I know it's hard!
P.S. - Don't tear the middle part while you are trying, hehe...

(The Lying Pose)
The middle one fold to the left side.
and the other side of the middle one fold to the right side.

Fold the Upper right down.

15Somehow it looks like this when standing

16Open it from below.

17Mark the spot, you are going to fold according the blue line (6 squares)

18This is how it looks like, fold according the line.

19Continue with the other 3 places.

20Turn around, this is what the bottom looks like.

Now, follow the red line guide, fold the small triangle.

22This is what it looks like.

23After 4 triangle has been fold...

24Fold from the left dot to the right dot, and it will look like......

Tips: This time you can use glue to stick it.

26After that, use your left hand to hold on the left arrow
use your right hand to handle the right arrow part.

27It will look like this.
(ow, missed one tiny part, hope you know how to show the triangle leg.)
P.S. - There's a part that can actually use glue behind this triangle leg.
Clever you can figure out yourself coz I already did.
Anyway it's just my little tip.

28After 4 triangle legs are done...


30You know how to close a paper box right?
Yeah, use the paper box method to close the legs.
This part is also damn hard as it got only a little space for you to cover up the legs.

31terbalikkan lagi =p
Looks more like a rose now.

32Try follow this picture.
Roll those flower petal/section down as shown.
There are 8 totally.

33Im not good in the rose's middle part, but at least it's more like a rose now.

Story Behind All This:

I learnt my 1st paper rose from a forum called ktnzone.com IN 2 HOURS, BLOODY HELL, the forum! IT'S TOTALLY GONE NOW! My VIP STATUS, my 'HEART BLOOD' and my TIME are all *POOF!!!* gone into thin air! What the...!

Forget it.

Anyway, some friends wanted me to teach them to fold origami rose in Megamall, ZOMG how could we possibly go to Megamall and just for making a rose?? haha.. actually we can, but sounds silly lor, hor?

I understand that people will get stuck on the 11th and 12th step, cuz I also had a hard time trying that. It would be alot easier if someone is teaching by your side, but not INFRONT of the monitor screen, blog, lol.

Well, I tried my best po-ing this post up, hope that you get the image and idea and the way to make a paper rose.

All the Best~


Practises Practice Makes Perfection

9 Drops of Rain:

fishfish said...

sam... very difficult leh.. >.<

samlzx said...

I know... but I can't make it easier than now.. =/

sIsI said...

eu make..
easy ><


samlzx said...

I also had a hard time at part 11 & part 30 leh... hehe..

sIsI said...

i wan be yr tat some friends XD
'some friends wanted me to teach them to fold origami rose in Megamall' hahazz

samlzx said...

lmao! you sure know who is my friend, don't you? xD can be... can be... ^^

sIsI said...

i know~ LIAO~~

cherry said...

nice detailed instructions but it's so hard to make! especially step 13 onwards. z_z

samlzx said...

I agree, it's HARD = ="

You don't know how to do which step?

P.S. - 13 & 14 are different papers when i took the photo.. cuz after I completed the rose, I only found out that I missed these 2 part..

I wonder if I need to do a movie and YouTube it = =?


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