05 May 2008

Bad Min Ton

05 May 2008
Badminton! I don't really run around seriously when practicing with friends on Sundays in the old days. It's just a simple game for me, but not in our form6 badminton competition.. that day I really tied my sport shoes (with holes on both side at the little toe lol) tight tight and I really ran around seriously.. it's tiring, but I enjoyed.

My body is not as pain as I expected after the matches. Perhaps I had already played once on Thursday morning and pained my right arm lol, is this the consequence of didn't warm up beforehand... again? aiks...

Anyways, it's getting better day by day. I also thought that lots of friends wouldn't be coming to school because of the pain, but what i expect was wrong again lol, quite a number of ppl were there in school on Monday, not bad not bad~

This is my Racket. Actually it's totally spoiled but I go and renew it with new strings and handle with that purple color strip thing lol. Proudly present it here, namely "烂铁一支". wow wow wow! dun play play eh, this racket quite powerful and easy to handle ma~

I got the 2nd place in Men Double! it's happy enough for me already coz the champion was taken by Zhen Lun and Izwan who learned badminton before, at least they are really some pros among us, form6. At 1st they stunned us by 15 per 10 wth, and the 2nd match we did catch up alittlebit, like 15 per 13 lol, still lose to them but that was quite fun battling with pros.

Dunno whose shot, full with anger but later laughter lol

Lastly, my prize... for 2nd place... 'thick fullscape paper' and '5566 branded ball pen'~ and it was raining at the end.


Positive thinking is like this: A little bird is flying in the sky. You looked up and it shits in your eyes. You don't mind and you don't cry. You just thank god that cows don't fly.

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