24 May 2008

Fishing My Way To Made Of Honour

24 May 2008
Companies are very innovative and creative nowadays. Nuffnang introduces me this competitive game and I spent almost an hour in it, lol?

I wanna fish my way to a dinner at JW Marriott! Haha.. Hope nothing else. Guys, try it! You can play the Hong Leong Online Fishing Game Here

You just have to use your bait and aim at the fish's mouth.

Whenever the fish are trying to escape from your bait, simply move your bait out of the water and the fish will go into your score. Sounds easy right? You will know it ain't easy after you try it.

Becareful of the electricity eels. They will shock you and you will get stun yet lose the fish you are baiting. You will even see your bones in your hand!

I couldn't say that Im good enough to score an A in this game, coz the high score starts with 2! Walau eh! Dunno how they play tilll so geng de? or am I'm just that bad haha..

Hong Leong leh, dun play play leh.. I do support it by saving my pocket money every 3 months, haha. It's below my dad's working place nia, so it's consider near and convenient for me, for us to press money out, lol. Actually I don't know much about these banking stuffs, like it can go online payment or whatsoever I still dunno much about them, I don't even have my own credit card yet argh!!

Hah! Guess no reason I need one now. All I have in my purse is just an Esso " smile记分卡 ".

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