10 January 2009

Saturday, January 10

10 January 2009
Suddenly I think of my phone. I seeked everywhere, from my computer table to my reading desk, from my room to the whole house, until my friend's car and back to my room. I lost my phone.

I was so desperate at that time, oh my dear, this is the 2nd time you have lost yourself, my phone wei, fast fast come out to mummy's cherish ooh~

I still remember the 1st phone I was using back then. It was Nokia2100, with a maximum of 20 messages to be stored in phone, but it will make the phone become very laggy. I miss the classic black and white screen.

Back when I was Form4, the time was 2005 December 31, my family and I were having holiday in Penang. Actually mostly every end of the year we will go back to Penang. So... my father was fetching me to go da bao supper at some Malay store near where we stay. I open the car door, stepped outside, and went on to buy supper. I didn't realise that my phone slipped out from my left pocket and dropped out from the car.

... Later at hotel, I can only stared out of the window, looked at the fireworks, without my phone, without friend's new year wishes and more... wuwuwuwu...

I just couldn't forget this day. It was so meaningful... =D

Nomatter how I want to live jolly and cheerfully, I just couldn't make myself become optimistic... to think of how my father will peel my skin off and feed the chickens behind the house when he's back from work, I can hardly make a smile.... my mood was utterly down.

But mostly the scariest reaction that he will show is... silence. Oww don't ever think of it.

For some reason, I called to celcom centre, and requested them to block the number.

Anyway, after my friend left my house, he phoned back to my house.

" 哎哟AH SAM啊,你的电话在我的车下面啦! " (He means under passenger seat, not car bottom)

...... but just now I searched, no find ar?

Then I know, I suck in searching for things.

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