12 January 2009

My First Job After STP

12 January 2009
Kelly phoned me. She asked me whether I'm free on next Sunday. Yeah, then? Oh I see, so, Miss Lim is unable to give tuition classes on that day, why? Oh I see, she's gong to take exam, what exam? Oh I see, motor.

So, I just need to replace her for one day, 3 classes.

Teaching Standard 3 is kinda easy. While teaching then PinYin, they will keep on talk talk talk non-stop. I don't need to stop them or make them quiet, just cope with them, listen to what they chatting about, join their conversation, and try to pull them back onto the whiteboard.

Teaching Standard 6 is kinda normal. They had already learned about ' Million ' in Chinese, and now my turn to teach them the English version. I don't need to teach hard, they have already understood. Only the objective part, common mistakes and careless answers would be found.

Teaching Standard 4 needs patience. I taught them ' Ten Thousand '. A guy who knows 'heart calculation' always did simple mistake. A girl who is good in calculation, but very slow in complete the solution.

And lastly, I get a total of RM30 for this 1.5 hour x 3 classes. Hard to earn... but I experienced.

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