29 April 2008

Wish List 2008 ~*

29 April 2008
Yay congrats on my 50th blogpost in my Blog previously~! !

How is everyone doing? im not really doing fine here, i mean.. SMKAP F6. Some said I totally gave up on my form6, some said Im oredi hopeless, some said I killing my time, wasting my life in form6... Well, true anot I dunno lar haha haiyo better don't ask me coz I sort of dunno anything lolz

I've lived so far and i only realize that I don't have a wishlist before omg.
Let's make things short so... here is it.

Things I Want :

1. Transparent Umbrella - haiya dun laugh la, i not really mean that transparent. its the nylon that can see through.. maybe.. made of plastic? It's nice... love rain. I've seen one, its ugly. Forget it, I tell myself.

2. New Specs - my face is chubby. I probably need a thicker specs.

Laptop - put good use for next year. Most probably I will leave home by that time.

4. W810i - Bought On Febuary 2008 (RM680)

Camera - not that professional type! i want a super slim type and is able to put into pockets!

BMW 7 Series
Just kidding.

Others :

a. Earn my 1st RM50 from Nuffnang Ad - look at the right side. It's there, on top of the poll I created.

b. Find A Life Partner - Who knows? Fate determines.

c. Manage to bring out the Lower 6 Orientation successfully - around 20th of May? who knows? I'll wait the news.

d. Design My Own Room, Own House using Own Interior Skills - Im going to take designing course = =+

e. Play Earthbound 2 (Mother 3) - My Favourite Japanese RPG in English Version. The team is still hacking the game from jp ver to en ver. How I wish it will be done in several months more! Strongly Recommended. FAN TRANSLATION SITE HERE

Erm... thats all for now. I will update later depends on my progress... ^^



4 Drops of Rain:

如果 said...

almost all needs money!

If u decided to take designing course, y u want to take form 6? Just stop & go for it.Don't waste ur time here!

If u already took form 6, y u want to give it up? don't know anything is just an excuse for u...

samlzx said...

i only found out designing course when im form6.. then father dun let me quit halfway. thats why i dunno how.... just continue f6 lo.. ugh.. -.-"

anyway.. my wishlist is kinda dream... haha.. i used to build castle in the air and daydream.

sIsI said...


so many~~thing eu wanted~~ LOLx

but finally eu bought ta phone~~ tat same with miee XD ^^

samlzx said...

well... that's what 'wishlist' is ma! hehe...

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