11 April 2008

BBQ @ T.C.

11 April 2008
For some reason, we went to the beach, yeah, 'we' consist of whole form6.

Koko marks are so important that we have to create and clean garbage on our own in order to accomplish our goal for that day...? Anyway, i had lots of fun there~ or maybe, I just know how to enjoy myself... haha...

On that day I woke up at 6am, and started to fetch my classmates until i was late arrived at the beach. So good that no one was on duty at the pavement, no need give parking fee in the early morning~ When I arrived, the unexpected and expected person - Kha Wai was there, smiling villainously to everyone... The humor king of form6 - Hoe Yip was wearing slippers, shorts and middle-age-look t-shirt, and was sitting at the staircase there, staring at the sea, looks like a reckless wonderer, he described himself. This guy ar... reached the beach at 7.15am, duh dun k him, let him wait lah! =p

The sky was raining softly while we were gathering at the 'old car park'. Foods and drinks were bought down from the cars and were put on one of the bench. Then we chit chat for awhile.. trying to wait for others who were late. Then we saw Pn.Teh, bringing her family to the beach, omg, his husband... I got a hard time tuition at his class. We moved to TC2 which located around half a kilometer from the 'old car park'(?) haha.. dunno the exact distance, but as i know, its quite far if you are carrying something really heavy and traveled all the way to there (such as the BBQ stove that weights half an oil tank)

One hour later the BBQ stove (爐) finally arrived. Dunno what was the reason, but at last the items and tools were ready and we began to set the fire up. The guys went to play football for sure - timbang, passing, skills and so on.. how nice playing football at the beach eh~ Teng Teng even bought her own huge kite and tried to made it to go onto the sky, everyone was hoping there's strong wind though... some were arranging the foods and baggage at the pavilion (凉亭). Too bad we were unable to get the pavilion with an extra tables, there were some half naked guys like usurping (霸) the place and.. "oh i wan to ask my boss 1st." Lots of people were gathered around the stove to see, to help out etc.. while me, hm hm~ sure i was snapping photo with my 'wife' (olympus E-300 as usual) la... ehehehe.. Other than that, Jasmine is also a pro photographer. To me, the way she snapped human portrait is far more better than me.. haha.. i was wondering, no, i knew the reason behind this =p

The guys went to the beach to play football with old buddies that they met during this activity. Its good to see them enjoyed themselves. Kent told me to join them but you know me la, din watch football, din play football, dunno how to kick, din hug football and fall asleep, din love football, din see ball etc... im totally noob in football thing =D so... I did not join them, coz of the reason i stated above, and the reason below. "I dun feel like sweating..." xD paiseh paiseh.. lol

People were getting food to roast. Sotong, sausages, fishballs (but spoiled dy), small varieties of fruits, sandwiches, and whats a BBQ without chicken wings? Someone did complaint about the lack of food... yea, I admit that we prepared too little food.. actually at 1st, the plan was wonderful... got this got that.. but for some reason, the result weren't same. For me, as a participant, I don't really care much about the food stuff that day, as long as my friends are happy and I enjoyed myself, ok, good.

- Fennie was there, the only little girl who has a 3-year-'gap' with us. I hope she enjoyed herself too.

- Teachers brought the Demerit book to give us demerit marks if anyone of us goes to play water (before 12 noon), very funny and speechless way outside the school.

- The 2nd teacher, Miss Pua, left the beach at 11.30pm, and those guys who are unable to bear the attraction of umi immediately jump down into it and started play water like crazy.

- Some girls even played "老鹰抓小鸡"! 19 years old liao still play this game!? (actually im the one who talk and suggest and think about this game 2 weeks ago... hehe...)

- Kuljeet's hair was freaking cool when everyone goes to the sea! lots of girls are crazy over his new look~

- Sam's camera bag had became something like a 'belonging storage' bag... he could have run off with more than 2000 money that time.. haha~

- Took lots of photos that day, and thanks to Fennie for helping us to take group photos. tQtQtQ~ Hey girl, how's the feeling to be the camera girl of the day? ^^

After the beach, everyone went to McD and had their 2nd round. Thanks ah Pin for treating me the chicken burger... although the other half was lost in your stomach... hehe.. nvm, I dun mind. and... here is where everyone separates.

(after that, i followed my classmates to watch " L : Change The World ", omg he's way too cute and cool, the movie is worth a watch if you like Death Note series, there's lots of hilarious part too. The best way to enjoy it is... watch with friends for sure! That way you are not alone when you laugh)




SMKAP Upper6 2008



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JunYie*Giselle said...

Yee .. seriously .. i miss you guys .. TT TT
coming home coming home~

samlzx said...

welcome 'home' =)

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