19 April 2008

Joey Lee

19 April 2008
A japanese name generator? Haha.. your name is real Unique.

MoMoKo KaWasHi, aka Joey aka Jia Yu is a friend I get to know from a camp. Aww, what camp isit i forgotten lah but the most important is I get to know her as i said lol.

She is quite cute, as im not referring to her size, but her attitude towards her life... her friends... everything larh, the unresistant cuteness and kindness is the reasons why she is loved by friends around her. Must go meet her if you got chance, she will be very friendly to you...

When I heard that she got 2 admires fighting each other, I was like.. wow, looks like you are doing fine there, haha... well, as long as you are happy then every thing's good la!

Wei, good luck in your path, to become a teacher.. by letting go the other choice - Pharmacy. Just one advice for you, treat them as friends, not students.

You will always be in my heart.


親愛的朋友,想對你說三個感謝 ...
我就當然想起你啦!!!! ~.~

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