15 April 2008

Death Note in Cinema

15 April 2008
Today I try my luck in reserving a ticket via online for ' L : Change The World '. I was like " OMG I actually did it. " at that time when this *beautiful* page appears infront of my face.

Oh and... the white blank is my real name and real number.. paiseh ya dunno y i dun feel like showing out lol

It's not that hard actually. All you have to do is go to gsc.com.my, register yourself as a member of GSC and click on online reservation. You go choose the location of cinema, date and time of your choice. If correct, you will be given 3 results :

no1 - Congrats! Now, go collect your ticket with the REF. number, no need to queue up rite? if I'm not mistaken.

no2 - Oh dear, too bad the reservation is fully booked by others. Well, try your luck by going there and buy the tickets at the last 45 mins. Someone tried b4 and... did obtain the ticket, what sweet luck.


no3 - " The Page Cannot Be Found " ... Yeah, try refreshing your page then lol.

I do believe that many people around the world are filled with excitement and enjoyment. Matsuyama Ken'ichi aka "L" is BACK~! His coolness and cuteness should have overwhelmed the *eyes* of all fans around... haha~ is that right? Some of my friends even said L is a weirdo, doing weird stuff like over-sugaring a coffee, the way he hold one thing, the way he walks and so on.

He should have dark eye circles rather than the make ups, but you can't expect to call L stay awake for several days to bring it out (if he hasn't collapse). I'd say again.. his eyeliners look cool lol~

The beauty of L lies in his weird weird style such as crouching, thumb nibbling, 'over sugaring' and eye linear wear. Haha.. even me even fall for the character lol.

I'd say, this movie is more like a normal detective story. 'Death Note' has a big spinoff centering on the geeky, kohl-eyed detective that doesn't have much 'brain game' in whole movie. It would have a better plot, and L should go on a more intense English course to make his pronunciation better... but it's still ok for a fan-made service.

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fishfish said...
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fishfish said...

wah!!!!!!!! i love this movie too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! going to watch it soon~!!! =)

samlzx said...

wow... u better go watch quickly~ see i recommend alot lol! *excited* ~

fishfish said...

aiyoyo I need to wait until my exam is over~~! nvm nvm.. xian ku hou tian.. kakaka...

samlzx said...

haha... ganbate ya! ALL THE BEST to you in your exams~

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