25 April 2008

Sabs Sports Carnival 2008 - Bowling

25 April 2008
"Sabs Sports Carnival 2008"
Game - Bowling
Date - 18th April
Time - 3.30pm
Mega Lanes, Megamall.

Our team's #1 best player : Nick, posing and he's going to roll it. This guy is learning to play spin ball, and also, his ball's designed to spin so that it will spin on the lane later lol. We were on lane #20 so it's quite difficult to play... for him. He said, around Lane 12 is the best.

Nick got such cutey depressing face there lol. He kept mumbling to us that there's no wind come and help him on that day.. i wonder, maybe it's the lane's problem, or he din try hard enough to release all of his potential to get high scores in 2 games. but later he also agreed that our lane isn't good enough. What can we do? we are only participants, not organizer, they can put themselves any lane they want... so.. bear it, just be it lar... smile sikit ler.. we came for fun only ma right? haiyo. yalayala, i noe everyone's target isnt the same.

We got 3 players from AP on that day, Definitely not all these girls. #1 was Nick, #2 was me, and #3 was S.Y., the 1st girl from right side. Dun play play oo.. she got #3 for female best player! Alot better than lots of players from other school dy! Congrats~ *clap hand* As I said b4 everyone's target aren't the same, it was like... I came here just to enjoy, just to take part. Nick came here, he.. wanted to play a good game, and S.Y. came here wanted to win something back. Everyone's thinking are different. Oh well~

My PRECIOUS! In MegaLanes, she is the ONLY ONE that suits me lol... not too heavy, and the finger holes are wide enough for my fat fingers lol! I named her "我的十号球" (coz "10" is written on her body... haha~) Remember ya readers, next time dun rampas her from me if we go play bowling 2gether.. MUAHAHAHAHA~!!

This is... Woho~ My new record that I scored 119 in my 1st round~ Why I said it is a new record? the reason is I never score more than 90 in bowling, NEVER! Although seldom play lar, but still can remember the highest marks... it's like a curse that I can't get more than 90 u know?

I remember last time Najib (dunno spell correct anot) came to Kuantan and invited many reporters to bowl together.I participated and played 2 games, and 2 games I also scored 90 lol! Not even 1 score more. Em, not bad la the prize, everyone in our team got a fruit juice blender, and lots of other stuffs, and we even got a meal to feast before we leave on that day. Najib.. huhu... why are you doing this... u noe i noe la.

Actually later got la, before this SABS Sports Carnival, we whole gang had practiced several times. That time also gained new record ar - 107 score. Only this time better, maybe it's due to the pressure of competition~ the atmosphere tickled my nerves.. oooOO~ hahaha~ perasan xD

It's a happy Friday for me... and after that my right hand pained for 1 week... haha.. weak sam.

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fishfish said...

lol... swt... hand pain.. tat's the consequence of didnt warm up la! xiong dong nin i was also from bowling club!
playing bowling is really fun ler~

samlzx said...

oo.. nowonder always hand pain after games lar!!! tQtQ.. hahaha xD next time i swear i will warm up and maybe have a banana..

如果 said...

best player? but urs is higher this time, haha!
I miss bowling~

fishfish said...

have a banana?? y???

samlzx said...

yah, he just 失水准 that day... he is still the best among 3 of us.. hehe..

samlzx said...

banana..... coz... dunno?? many athletes eat banana before sports.. i wonder.. dunno how to explain.. haha.. maybe it helps them to avoid cramp lol~

sIsI said...

zha douuu~~
ours zhi xian will play bowling de wor~~

samlzx said...


cheh... kenot meh? haha.. dont i look active? o_O" maybe not lol

sIsI said...

not larr~~ ><
dont so sensitive~~

juz feel very surprise~~
cuz i also noe how to play bah ~ XD

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