23 December 2008

Tomorrow's Christmas Eve

23 December 2008
Tomorrow is a good day for countdown? I've heard about New Year Countdown but not Christmas. To me, it is somehow interesting. Yin Fei told me that they are going to Parade to watch show and countdown... Why not watch snow!? and who's show is it that you are interested in? I also wanna have a look~ Haha..

I'm not working right now, this month. It is because of the whole traveling stuff I've gone through in the past few weeks that I'm unable to search for a part-time job. Few days later after I came back from Kelantan ( Hurray! I learnt how to car-crossing, and damn! 3 Hours of driving was suffering.. maybe I didn't adjust the position of the seat ), I phoned a friend who is quite 'close' to Digi, who knows she said there's no activity this month, next month, maybe, there will be one. Well, what more can I do?

What you guys doing? Working? or busy for tuition in the whole holiday? Baby-caring? or doing the same thing like I do - shutting myself in my green green room planting dotty mushroom on my head waiting for hungry spiders to create a web...?

Yeah! Muh hair is growing longer day by day. I went to Marx that's located opposite my house area, beside AC Computer Centre... to have a haircut. Talking to a person through the reflection of a mirror, it was... strange. At least I learnt alot from the stylist that I actually knew who she was.

I just wanted to have a longer hair, not thicker.

12/24, see you in Kuantan Parade. After show, go YC.

and most probably I will reach home at 2 in the morning.

3 Drops of Rain:

Qmiao_miao said...

merry christmas!

When Hell BREAKS Loose said...

Gnam, gnam, gnam, bite you, bite you, bite you!!! Joo SANTA CLAUS!!! Where's my present?

阴天雨 said...

Merry Christmas~~

Hohoho! Didn't you go Mega to look for the white beared man in red shirt? He's making babies crying xDD

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