17 December 2008

A Journey To The North-West?

17 December 2008
Notice #1: This post is loaded with photos that will keep on loading and crush/hang your computer wtf
Notice #2: It will increase your hunger meter as you read on... probably.

4th December has been declared as a holiday, for STPM leavers. We cheered, shouted aloud and mainly thousands of feelings burst out from within our heart at the very 'last day' of school.

6th December, my family and I went on a trip to Penang, located at northwest of Malaysia. It is a very 'mouth watering' place, as everything that should be here is here (food is what I'm talkin' about) Ok, so, we jetting off at 8am, looking forward that we will reach Penang at approx. 5pm in the evening... Oh man! the trip is long, isn't it?

Highway is car jamming, seriously heavy.

For the past 8 hours I've got nothing to do but to count trees : " trees... trees... trees... "

Since this picture takes you to Penang bridge in just one piece of photo, you really can't imagine that you sit in a car, unable to move for a freaking 8 hours, can you? Haha... or maybe you try to buy aeroplane ticket... and you arrive in Penang within 30 minutes where I just travelled 30KM.

Take a look at outside! Yay yay~ It's Penang bridge~! But it's already around 6pm (~o@_@)~o and the bridge is also heavy traffic BECAUSE.... its holiday... maybe.

I simply use my handphone to snap a photo of all the food I've eaten during the 6days5nights in Penang, it's nothing artistic, and of course, there's no aroma and steam come out from the picture... but believe me, all of them are more delicious than kuantan's.

1. Char Kuey Kak
Usually in Kuantan, Kuey Kak is very black and salty, but not this. The Tau Geh is crunchy too.

2. Bak Kut Teh
Hey, that's right! At least all of you know how to speak Hokkien uey~
Actually I'm not a pro in tasting food, and.. you know, describing how delicious la, how Q or how soft and blah!

3. Pandan Cake
It was sold in a morning wet market, very delicious
( I wonder how many more 'delicious' or 'sedap' I'll repeat and repeat and repeat again )

4. Coconut Float
As written above. It was delic................. =x
It is a thing that can be sell in school's food fair.

5. Wa Dan Hor
Egg + Hor Fun = Best breakfast ever

6. Wan Tan Min . Soup
I dunno why Kuantan's food can't be as good as Penang's... is it the ingredient from different place? Or do they (Penang citizen) have the attitude of ' kiasu ' that encourage them to do better? I dunno.

7. Muar Chee
Famous one. Usually it cost RM1.50 to RM2.00 depends on regular or large.

8. Penang Ha Mee (Prawn Mee)
Ooh, iini sedap! *Thumbs Up*

9. Poh Pneah (Poh Piah)
Unlike here, it's wrapper skin is very thin, and it is watery inside. Abit spicy though...

10. ABC Special
omg i tell you what, it's red beans at the bottom of the bowl are so gigantic and tasty, and it's stuffy and cheap.

11. Apung Balik
Walao! This is a must-try if you'd go Penang. Never seen such type of Apam Balik in Kuantan yet.

12. Loh Mee
Grandma's... Yiyer.. I dislike this... =p

13. Che Hu (Clear fish)
Its a combination of special sauce and crispy fish, maybe some tofu too. This is going to open your appetite since it's abit spicy.

14. Laksa
Not mine, it's my grandma who ordered this. But it smells good.

15. Fried Kuey Tiao
Maybe Hup Lek's Kuey Tiao is eatable only in Kuantan. You should go Penang, you will satisfy in the end.

16. Apung
Highly recommended!! Looks like Tosay isn't it? but no, it is much more tastier.

17. Dim Sum (Mang Kuang inside a crunchy cup)

18. Oor Kueh
This is nice. The sweet smell of every piece makes you want to eat more.

19. Hor Fun Cheng Tong
This is what I was talkin' about! The fishball is so soft that it immediately torn to two with just a soft bite... not like some of the fishball here, high flexibility, and can be used as a ping pong too.

20. Chee Cheong Fun
Father said this was not the 100 marks one... he gave this 80 marks
p/s: He was born in Penang.

21. Min Fan Gou (the rough translation is 'Kuih tepung' wtf)
I don't remember this anymore.

22. Home-made Spaghetti
Made by husband of my father's little sister. We took it as dinner. It takes 20 hours to serve before we can eat. Pro o_O

23. Cai Kueh (Means got vege inside)
Must combine with the chili sauce baru sedap.

24. Lin Ji Kang (they called it 5 beans soup)
It's very yummy and I've ordered 2 bowl of it. but what strange is... where is my 5th kind of bean??

25. Oor Kueh
Another one. They don't skimp on the job and stint on materials.

26. Mi Hun Mee (Economic)
Note that the red red things are very crispy and smell nice.

27. Chicken Rice
The meat.. it's easy to tear.

28. Cendol
Sweet, and the giant red bean sangat sedap.

29. Lo Bak
Various meat on the left and the 'Lo' sauce on the right. I think the red red sausage is called Taiwan Lap Cheong...

30. Lo Mee
Got Lo Bak then must have Lo Mee! The 'soup' is very sticky @_@

31. Siu Pneah
They serve it as a dessert. You know, they always put the sweet thing at the very last.

32. Thai-Style Fish
Spiiiiiicyyyyyy!!!! >w<

33. Tofu
Crispy skin on the outside and smooth in the inner part. Sour and spicy sauce for you to dip.

34. Gon Lou Min
There I go again --> *Thumbs up*

35. ABC
The famous one. They even got Phua Chu Kang eating Cendol and giving a thumb-up hand photo on the signboard of their store.

36. Fried Chicken
Forgotten the actual name, anyway... *Thumbs Up* lolz

37. Curry Fish
Did I actually eat that?? Forgotten luu. Behind it is Gu Lu Yok on the upper right.

38. Apung Pisang
RM0.30 for one, very very very nice as dessert. You can see that we da bao' alot. It may look not nice, not until you see and eat it yourself...

Opps! There are still some photos i haven't manage to upload.. to be continue.

Cheers!! I DID NOT gain any weight after I came home to Kuantan on the 6th day. Is it a miracle? Or I'm fated to be a freak that has a standard body and a chubby face forever wtf

And I realise that.... I can't stop my mind from thinking Kuantan when eating Penang food.

39. Kutu Mayam
It's something like Mi Hoon, but it is eaten with sugar.

40. Noodle
made from a guy who used to work in Intel as a programmer.

41. Side dishes for the noodle above
Very healthy

42. Porridge with Yau Zha Guai

43. Mi Hoon Min

44. Mee Jawa

45. Gon Lou Min

46. Satay from Penang's Pesta
it sucks. Satay Zul is better than this one.

47. Gon Lou Min . Thick

48. Wan Tan Min

49. Char Kuey Tiao

50. Nescafe + Roti Bakar

51. Char Siew Bao
Indeed, very mini size.

52. Fried Rice

53. Kuih and Karipap
Karipap is extraordinary huge.

54. Coconut and a natural spoon

55. Biscuits from Thailand
Bought from Pasar Malam

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