09 June 2008

Sunday and Monday

09 June 2008
Camwhore-ing with bread lolz
Doesn't look like me especially after I had a hair cut
The truth is, it's quite nice cut by MARX, located at fei ngor si there, next to AC Computer Centre.

Bread kapek Ice cream wtf
The best way to entertain myself in hot weather..

These are Holiday Planet's tokens that I left
comparing its size with a 20 cents.
Wondering... naughty idea =p

Today, a person who is deaf+mute came into our class, her hand was carrying a big bag and inside, there were many kinds of plush toys, one for 10 dollars. Most of us (exclude me) immediately rushed to the front and looked at those 'gong zai'. Hoe Yip bought a pair of 7Zai for RM9.80 only, coz the remaining 0.20 belongs to me.. Muahahaha! And I own one of it wtf! Thanks Hoe Yip~ hehe.. nasi lemak later recess time I treat!

but later we wonder, how did she get pass the security guards and...??

Bottle water tragedy
The 'ka-chang's I used to pull out the alu ring from the bottle cap, it took me nearly 1 hour to extract it out arr! Very difficult leh!

A close look of the bottle cap and... the ring.
It's harder than pulling out a tooth wtf

My lovely 2 liter water bottle
Without the ring that will rust! anymore~

Thanks to Ah Ji Ah Mui
I appreciate it.. =)

4 Drops of Rain:

calvintky1122 said...

wa..sai mm sai many ka chang to take out tat ring o..
lol..really let u zha dao..taught u wan do wat experimen..

samlzx said...

stupid la the ring,.. very tight leh.. =p

如果 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
如果 said...

I got the same bottle but my blue is more striking xD

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