05 June 2008

2 Weeks Of Holidays

05 June 2008
Walao A, the weather is getting hotter and hotter lo, 站又不是,坐又不是,even when I go to blow aircond in car,my neck also sweating, wth?

When I feel like on9, I not only couldn't log in to my MSN, youtube also happen the same thing, wth? Log in to Fs also nothing to do (whoops, I never log out before since 4 years ago) and there's nothing to blog about lol.

I think I'm becoming 宅男 liao lor...*=/ing

The not-bad stealth based action game
I completed all of it last time, and downloaded again in this holiday
although it cost me 7GB
what? your eyeball wanna pop out lar? haha, read below.

Notice: Setup files 7GB + Installation 7GB = 变态 14GB

Notice: ktnzone.com = gone

Most of the people in this forum are aged 13 ~ 16, I go there feel like very old liao, lol!

what more, most of them are little girls = ="

I'm being introduced by 钢钢

but I just go read horoscope,seldom 灌水 with them xD


I sent a joke to some friends in this holiday, it was like...

神灯:" 我只可以实现你一个愿望,快说吧,我赶时间。"
人:"我要老婆 ……"
神灯立刻变出一个美女,然后不屑的说:" 都快饿死了还贪图美色!可悲啊!"说完就消失了。
人:"……饼。 "

老婆饼! rofl!

and the joke made some friends 爆冷,someone also replied me "hahahahahaha" =p

How about your reaction? Do share with me~

Im a guy who seldom (or maybe, lazy to) sms ppl de lor, see 1st la, I send messages that are worth, lol =p

Holiday very sien arr!! My Internet damn lag lo

actually it's already expected de lar, everytime holiday comes, msn sure kenot log in, things I'm downloading aren't affected, still can go to 150kbps, in contrast when I want to go and download songs, there comes the problem.. whole page also kenot load.. zzz... I wan to listen 伯乐 arrr...

前几天有去跟TP老朋友YC,很高兴看见大家如此健康。至少我们都有话题,都有说有笑的,可能整间 Old Town 最吵的就是我们这三桌了,呵呵 ^^

我在想当天我穿了黑衣 + 一条链,加上头发又剪短了……不懂有没有吓坏他们,因为我平时在他们眼里都是乖乖牌,那种呆呆的朋友来的...哈哈哈~ =D


现在戴着的是Black color slim frame。

我在ECM的Optical88 (Big Apple前面) 看中了一个thick frame,镜片比现在的还小一点,然后……红色。


Aih, what can I do today... miserable.............

Oh yea, eat 'bak zhang'~! Happy again lol


LMAO super creative soft drink commercials -

" whatever "

" anything "

3 Drops of Rain:

如果 said...

haha, about ktnzone... every gathering I also never go. I macam played a while then just dissapeared xD paiseh~

samlzx said...

haha.. that was my 1st time participating in a net gathering..
well, at least forum can kill time.. =p

sIsI said...

really BAO LENG!!!
so kasian ta guy~~..
not yet say finish ta 神灯 gone to TOU TAI.. LOLXx

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