20 June 2008

Busy With My New Numb3r.

20 June 2008
You know, its such troublesome when you change your handphone number, at least, you need to notify other people about your brand new color of numbers (last time was yellow, now is blue) , oh, and you need to choose who are supposed to receive that too. That's the most complicated part, for me.

I got this Celcom 3+1 Family Plan package from my father, and obviously he got the package from a function in dunno where, KL maybe? lol.

*ow... keep on chatting in MSN with 3 people, can't continue... ish, and summore teaching people to use my favourite mp3.sogou.com, just abit problem occurred there, and that people gave up, and the result was - I got a praise, "Why you so many patient one??" I was like, wtf, I also dunno why I got so much patient, maybe it's the best gift I've ever received in my life, lol.

2 hours later......

I slept.

The Next night... continue blogging THIS post.

Well, gotta get used with the new number now.

Wonder anyone will replace back the old SIM card to check if theres any message left to receive? I will, honestly, at least for the following 1 month, haha.. but seriously, w810i got difficulty on removing the SIM card, that I need an additional skru driver wtf??

My old number was nice, really nice. 69369651. When was the 1st time I used it...? F4? oww, forgotten dy, but what I'm sure about is we had nice memories together.. *sob*

Lots of friends are using Digi too, that's when we can list them on 'Friends And Family' list and chat chat chat with real low cost~ They will give extra 50% of the total reload on your birthday~ before and after 1 week this period. And the maximum extra bonus is rm300...

... Wth im advertising for digi?? lolololol

I met new friends too when using my old number. TP's fellow and AP's friends, and even Primary school friends, alot of them, although none are really close to me, but everyone of them is good (how good? who knows? Just good then.)

Haih, when with this number, I went through my first love in my life. Thats when i met her, and she changed her Hotlink to Digi, for me, oww.. touching. We used Digi to miss call each other 99 times when one of us were not on the phone, maybe stayback in school for some reason? Miss call each other when we missed each other, well, just like lovers, haha... The whole phone, the whole SIM card, the whole monthly reload 30 ringgit, everything, it was like, mainly, purposely, only for her. The world of love, bleh.

and now, I have to say byebye to you, my old number of Digi. Well, 90 more days without credit to live, i will wait and see how many message you can still receive, but don't worry, I will forget you as fast as I can. Tata~


Celcom Broadband or Streamyx better??

2 Drops of Rain:

fishfish said...

no wonder.. i tot u got 2 new numbers.. lol..

samlzx said...

paiseh paiseh.. i was so wu long that time.. haih.. now ok dy lar, i corrected the mistake =)

I have only one active number, and its Celcom now. (3303)

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