08 July 2009

The end of Sem1

08 July 2009
Last month, my classmates and I went to Red Box, a little celebration for the graduation of our first year, first semester break! Haha, couldn't believe it that that was my first time stepping in to the long awaited Red Box.

It was cool, basically. There were lots of new songs to choose from, such as Gary's 寂寞先生, Jam Hsiao's 王妃 etc etc; The corridor was nice, with beautiful lights at the side of the road; The toilet was clean, simple yet nice; There was still something to eat when we got there, such as ice cream, cakes and some junkies, too bad the package we took - 10.30pm onwards there were no more food prepared for us. Somehow it got a little bit expensive in the end.

Erm.. I'm not the type who sing out loud, coz my voice key is very low... couldn't really cope with karaokes =/

Anyway, I still sang much that night, until my throat was a little bit sore. Jasmine's singing was good, Ah Gan was like acting those silly Transformer's Voice thru the mic, Xiao Gua was enjoying himself, he intend to make us feel high but unfortunately... haha. We drank champagne, beer and coke; We yam-seng; We ate fried prawns, tit-bits and more. We took pictures together; We recorded down how we say goodbye to our leaving-to-China-friend Mr. Gan Peng Hui, haha... it was funny.

We kept trying to make him feel touched, wanted to make him shed tears but in the end, we couldn't coz Ah Gan is such a tough guy, tch tch tch! xD

Still remember what Ah Gan mumbled "你们不要酱子咯,我很内疚啊!" =D

Good luck, my friend + roomie. Remember to come back Malaysia and visit us, and if there's any chance, do remember to bring ur china wife let us see! Ha~ =D

We enjoyed ourselves from 10.30pm till 3am. It was a great night.


Sunway Lagoon was not really worth it I'd say. Coz when we were there playing carpet slides, the eletrical system shuts down due to some reason. We would have ask for a refund but... whatever! We just keep on moving.

The 360° Spinning ship was cool. It was small, but still fun playing with JingYi. My left arm got stressed because I grab too hard to the safety lock when I was 360° in the mid air! =(

We played the spinning cup. Keep on spin and spin and spin nan pisn dapins nsipdaips... @@ I got a little bit faint but luckily no one puke. Who would have thought that we can shout out loud playing this too!

The roller coaster has given us insufficient excitement. 40sec of ride, 10sec of excitement, 30sec of boredom... and inside the cave, omg can you all please switch on the lights? or the effects? It was boring.

The carpet slide at the water park was fun! 5 people slide together, see who can slide the fastest or the most far. I feel like flying... leaving my carpet at some moment.

CP showed us the butterfly move in water! We were like 'Whoa....' I wonder if he knows how does the caterpillar move looks like =p

We left Sunway Lagoon and head straight to Sunway Pyramid after bath.

Overall, the trip was very nice. I enjoyed myself there. Well, this is a late post, but still, gonna miss you guys, my friends.

Happy holiday.

See you all in August again, Sem2 =)

3 Drops of Rain:

Don't Cry said...

I.....speechless.. Miss you guys.. Take Care everyone =)

jasmine said...

thx thx thx...
act nOT really nice voice...
sien la..
no one sing so i sing...

enjoy urself.....~~
take care...
meet u in SEM2~~~

DavidLiou said...

To Gan: do remember to bring ur china wife let us see xD

see you next sem :)

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